Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Can I undo it PLEASE!!

I am sorry all, I have lost my writing appetite. My niece is sick... That has been confirmed by many doctors now. She is fragile and tiny. She is 8 months old yet unable to hold her neck still. She should have started crawling now but she is even unable to sit. Just the same sympotms her deceased brother suffered from..Heridatry issues. You can't imagine how much going back home after work scares me!! I can't stop the images of what if I came to the house and heard her death news?! What would happen to my poor loving sister whose wounds haven't recovered yet from the death of her own son who died 10 years ago!! Would she be insane again?! Would the black clouds visit our house again, after my brother my two grandparents, my grandmother, my nephew, my dad, and my two uncles loss?!! Is there more to come?!

I accepted low salary at a tiring and blood sucking job just because I want to escape the gloomy atmosphere at my house. Don't get me wrong, my family is really patient and they don't complain but what kills is that each one of us is quiet, just waiting, just thinking, and just dreaming and praying.

In my last post, I talked about "Sara and Summer", the two lovely girls who study in my Grade 1 class and how torn they are because of their ill-relationship between their mum and dad which ended up with nothing but divorce.

Sara hasn't spoken a word since she joined school. If I pushed her to talk, she would whisper in my ears. Even her friends keep on asking why doesn't she talk!!

Summer had been more active than Sara, at least her voice was heard. However, Summer has totally collapsed since last month. I would call her name 5 times but she wouldn't reply as if she had just blacked out. Her behaviour changed for she became so quiet, she shivers all the time, and she just draws on her desk.

Her case has been occupying my mind as well as the other teachers. The only thing I feared was she being sexually harrassed. I took her aside one day, gave her some candies and asked her if there is anybody who touches her in her special area. She said yes.. but then said no.. I didn't know what to believe for she is a kid and sometimes kids would misunderstand things or get perplexed.

I met her dad today, sorry for my language but her dad is such an ass!! I don't know how I managed and didn't hit him in the face today.!!

He hasn't found a job till now, he has moved to Saudi for 6 months now and is still unemployed!! His dad is retired and his mum calls her grandchildren "donkeys" since they are the result of their stupid dad's behaviour. His 2 girls come to the school, spend 7 hours every day with one sandwhich and one juice only!! My other students' mums called me saying that their daughters put extra food for Summer and Sara to eat because they are always hungry. Today I told him that even if you're poor, a bag of sandwhich which contains 8 sandwhiches costs only 1 Riyal!! So, putting 2 sandwhiches won't bother!! Imagine what he said " No, it's not poorness but 1 sandwhich is enough for a 30 minute break"!!I told him they are only 7, they run and play and need energy and they finish this sandwhich in the 1st 5 minutes!!

I informed him about Summer's behaviour and how I am really worried that the child might be sexully harrassed. Imagine what he said!!?! He said "Yes, they had been.."!! Not only Summer, Sara and David were molested too..

I swear my blood was boiling and I stood up planning to hit him or even spit on his face!! He hardly spoke after I pushed him to and told us their tragic story..

Their mum was an addict, alchoholic, and moreover a prostitute.. The social service in US has arrested the mum and started an investigation about the 2 girls and their brother David. He had a restrain order from the court he said that he shouldn't approach them!! I told him how come you're restrained when you're their own father!! Did you honestly molest them?! He said No, but you know how americans treat Saudis!! I was like, come on! I can't buy this crap! Even if you have been ill-treated by the US, didn't you go back to the Saudi Embassy and ask for help?! He said yes but they didn't do anything!!

They were sexually harrassed but they don't know by who...

I can't write anymore...I am sorry..