Monday, 9 November 2009

Just Ranting

To get myself out of the dull and gloomy environment I have been living in, I joined an international school. Since I love kids the most, I decided to teach grade 1-2 English. It has been 5 weeks for now. It's too much work, little payment comapred to my previous jobs but at least I am enjoying it. Those kids make my day with doses of hugs and kisses everyday.

I am being called "mama" sometimes which tingles me and sometimes makes me drop a tear or two.

And I am still jobs hunting too and hopefully I will get a great job soon.

I wanna talk about my grade 1 girls today. I love them so much! They are simply adorable. I can't ignore the fact that Abrar with her stubborness makes me crazy! Gosh I have never seen a 6 years old kid who has such a big head!! On the other hand, Malak's geniusness draws a smile on my face everyday when I see her. Rawan, the cutest girl ever never fails to make me laugh.

Today, I went to school with a yellow T-shirt with an illustration of a naughty girl who says "I don't want to be sweet" because I was teaching them how to confront bullies like the girl on my T-shirt. I had my hair dried and wore a yellow head band. Dana came to hug me in the middle of the class so I bent on my knees to hold her tight and that's when she smelled my hair. She said it smells very good. In less than a second, I had all my 12 girls jumping on me asking me to smell my hair hhhh. It was surprising but they made me laugh so hard! One of the girls asked for the name of my shampoo too lol.

Three weeks ago, Sara and Summer joined my 1st grade class. They used to live in US but since their parents got divorced, their father brought them to Saudi. They are halfies, american mom and a Saudi dad and the are the result of those stupid marriage that Saudis fall for when they fall in love with foriegners.

It has been 3 weeks now and Sara has hardly spoken a word and when she speaks she whispers in my ears only! Summer is another story, she just sings one of the songs she learnt in Day Care back in U.S. Both girls just came to Saudi 2 months ago and suffered a great deal from negligence, fightings, and divorce. They live with their grandfather and their grandmother who don't know a single English word whilst Sara and Summer know no Arabic at all!! I had to practice for a while not to mention the word "mama" in grade one because I don't want to hurt their feelings so I just stick to the word "dad" when it comes to homework or quizes.

Noor, is the girl with the most angelic face ever. I go hug and kiss her whenever she passes by. Today, I was told by the French teacher that Noor lost her dad 7 months ago due to a heart attack. One would never imagine what the loss of my dad has done to me when I am a 27 years old!! How would that be to a 7 years old girl!?

Today, she pointed at my sneakers and said "Ms, my dad has one that looks like your sneaker"! I was devastated! She still talks about him as if he is alive! She even talked about the choclate and chips he gives her for her lunch. It took me 4 years of my life to start using past tense when I talk about my dad! And still, I can't talk about him next to my family. It's just one close friend of mine whome I talk to about my dad!! I can never imagine the loss she feels nor the pain that visits her when she wakes up, nor when she sees fathers picking up their daughters from the school! It'a lot to be understood by a little brain like hers..
P.S. Thanks a lot to everybody who emailed me checking on me and asking me to be back to blogging again. I can't promise to be fully back but I promise I will try :)
P.P.S. That's me in the picture above as my girls see me lol


Mad Art said...

Noor almost made me cry .
I rlly would like to meet them , i guess they're fun and sweet not like what i thought ^^"

can't wait fir you next post talking about grade 2.

Hanan said...

it's great that you're enjoying your new job... kids really know how to remind you about the important things in life

FingerPrint said...

My dad travelled for 2 weeks and I missed him like hell .. So I can't imagine what you or that little girl are going through .. Allah yr7mhm

And it's great that you're enjoying your job! Work isn't work when you enjoy it! And your class sound so cute! <3

Mina said...

Your tagged

Hopeless Poet said...

I enjoyed reading the post.
Sometimes I imagine myself teaching but at university level just because it is less responsibility than teaching kids where you have to be a role model and actually raising them in additional to teaching.

I don't think losing a father is something you get used to. My older brother who is in his 40s still gets sad when we remember my father who passed away almost a year ago!

just a bunch of thoughts said...

u almost brought me to tears...
u have no idea how beautiful it is for u to be able to have all that love for children. May Allah grant u all the kids u want, in sha Allah...

im just now all welling up...*two tears drops in spite of her*

just a bunch of thoughts said...

p.s: sweetheart, with ur sweet permission, im inviting u & all of ur sweet readers to come check out my blog. i'd totally apreciate it if u participate & comment on my posts :)

Anonymous said...

S!!! u made me cry!!
i remember the days of my KG English teaching, i loved those days and the kids were amazing..remember me when u see the changes u helped to create in them.. when u feel so proud u cud burst!
no other feeling!

Errant said...

isn't that so cute .. ur lucky ur teaching adorable people ..

Smart CoOKie said...

They sound adorable. =]
Poor little Noor. Her story brought tears to my eyes. Allah ykoon fi 3onha & kids are more resilient than adults. All the best to her XOXO

Another-Penelope said...

oh god there are some dramas there, jeesh I feel bad btw why marrying with foreigners are stupid?:/

btw Tara I was like Sarah and Summer who couldn't speak arabic as well which I failed 1st grade hehehe but I met this great teacher who helped me in speaking arabic and writing too ^_^ u should try to teach them and during highschool arabic was my fave class hehehe:P

eshda3wa said...

awww the poor girls

7aram fee stories 9ij y3awroon elgalb :(

Anonymous said...

welcome back girl :)

this post is sooo heart touching...

please keep us updated with more stories... you deserve all the best

Anonymous said...

Aww welcome back babe! Those kids are adorable :) I love all the drawing, still remember the one I said it look like pharoah, LOOOOL :P Miss you lots. About Noor, really I felt so sorry to hear about her. May God bless her and her family.

ohDear!! said...

I love kids, and I would love to spend a day with you guys!
My sisters can't believe how much I have "6olat bal" with kids, but I keep wondering why people don't have that? I am jealous of you :p

I feel for those kids, I remember on Sesame Street there was this thing about the different types of families, that families are different and some families have dads, some have moms, some have grandparents, some don't have moms and dads, it was really good and although I had almost all those people, and I was a teenager, I felt better :p

Glad you're blogging again!

Nani_37 said...

kids are precious .. i'm doing pediatrics now, so they're all around me .. i can't stop fooling around with them .. makes me hate my job sometimes when i see one of them suffering

good luck in your new job, glad you're enjoying it :) .. and welcome back

Faten said...

I love kids and I hate to see them suffer.
You brought tears to my eyes!
good luck with your job hunting :)

Anonymous said...

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3ashig said...

Thanks for the post, hope you find the job you are looking for soon, regards.

His Sweetheart said...

Mad Art

Sure :)

Definitly :)

Allah y5leeh lk inshalla

Nani, Faten, Anon
Thanks guys

His Sweetheart said...

Hopeless Poet
It does hurt I know!

Just a bunch of thought

I will sweetie :)

Saudi Dawn
Missed you *HUGS*


Dr. Smart Cookie


But your parents story is fruitful mashalla that's the difference

His Sweetheart said...


They do :(




:) thanks


Long time no emails :P

Oh dear

:) :)

Nani and Faten


Kazeh said...

Aaah, sweet memories...

Mina said...

You recieved an award -

MarjnHomer said...

the girls sound so lovely..:-) i miss kg as a parapro. it was fun!

reemas said...
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Susie of Arabia said...

I enjoyed reading about your students. I too lost my dad when I was a child - just 11 - and to this day, it still hurts. The pain is very real. I read your post about missing your dad and I can really relate to it. Thinking of you...

loser said...