Sunday, 12 September 2010

Heart Accident

She loved him, loved everything about him. She celebrated her 19th birthday and then 2 days after, she got married to him. Everybody objected, the age issue was one reason. She was daddy's girl though. Her dad loved her so much that he couldn't say no. She was still young when her heart skipped a beat when he accidently saw her while she was going out.

Her soft brown hair locks were the 1st thing he noticed. She raised her head because she felt someone's presence around. Their eyes met. He gasped and she couldn't utter a word. Her mobile rang and that's what woke her up. He quickly opened the door and left. She rode her car and couldn't stop thinking about him. She didn't know who it was. She coudln't dare to ask too. All what she remembers is that he was a tall tanned guy with a yellow T-Shirt and blue jeans.

3 hours later, she got back home, tried to ask if any staranger came home for any of her brothers. No one came apparently as her mum said. What she didn't know is that he has been waiting outside for her. Stalking her wasn't his intention. He just wanted to make sure that she is not a visitor. He wanted her to be living in that house, why? He had no clue! He was in his car when her ride came back home. She was out forlunch with one of her friends he assumed. She kissed her friend goodbye and left. He could tell that her mobile was ringing as she was searching inside her LV. He could see her smile behind the veil she was wearing as she answered hello. She got in. He was surprised that it has been 10 minutes and he is still out waiting!!

She has wished to see him again but he never showed up. His name was Khalid, one of her brother's friends. She started checking every guy's face when out thinking it's him. She wondered if it's love but dismissed that idea so quickly. How could she love someone who she just saw for a minute!! Someone who doesn't even hold a name!!

To Be Continued


Summer said...

yumaa!! who is he?!
please do continue! I want to know what happened!

Lamya said...

ohhhhhhhh..NOT FAIR!!

DO NOT leave us hanging like that come on! Please ... who is he.. do they get married? *sigh*

Miss Dreamer said...


I wanna know what comes next plzzzzz

His Sweetheart said...


coming soon

Miss Dreamer
Stay tuned ;)

nosa said...

t7mmmmssstt :D

Anonymous said...

Waiting :D

Smart CoOKie said...


His Sweetheart said...

part 2 and 3 girls :D