Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heart Accident 3

Ever since her father passed away, she lost her lively spirit. She lost her backbone, the love of her life, and her inspiration in life. Her mom has gone bonkers and everything else has just been different. Their house has been lifeless and empty. She couldn't bear the idea of seeing her uncles. Uncle Fahad looks exactly like her dad and that broken look in uncle Abdullah's eyes make her tear.

How could someone who represents everything in your life just disappear with no permission!? Why death is so cruel! "Why so sudden daddy"? was the question she has never found an answer for. She spent 3 years in ultimate denial. She couldn't even use the past tense when she thinks of him. She has never talked about him in front of anyone of her family members. He has never complained of any heart problems and all of a sudden he died of heart attack!!

A friend of hers advised her to start her own blog since she finds it her hard to talk about her deceased father. She did and the 1st post she wrote was about him. She had many condolences from strangers she has never met. It helped her a lot in taking out the loads of burden sitting on her chest.

She has made many online friends and got to befriend bloggers from different cultural backgrounds. She loved her blog, loved the attention she got, and loved the fans she never thought she would get. She has always wondered who are these "anonymous" people who leave comments under her blog! Why "anonymous"!?
While checking her email one day, she received an email from a stranger entitled "why the Blackness"?! It was from one of those anonymous commenters. She quickly clicked on the email which said:


I had the pleasure to stumble upon your blog the other day, it was another uncontrolled Internet sailing of mine :) .... sailings that keep astonishing me by the findings. I only have one question to ask ..... why the blackness !! .... really .... I can just tell you that I've never ever seen a black blog in my whole Internet life (and that's long ...trust me:) ) .....
it's not like I have the right to dictate things here ...... but I think I can suggest ...... no matter how much you like black (I do sometimes :) ) .... please change it ..... and change it not only here .... in your whole life if you could .....

I didn't find a contact me form on your blog ...... so here I am .... sorry for the interruption :)

you can easly ignore this message if feel so



PrimaDonna said...

Everyone leaves, and we are to follow. Nothing stays the same, everything you remember keep it cherished and locked within, for nothing can change the beauty of the past.

I cannot say how sorry I am for your pain, but I find doing things that takes your mind off the hurt would help.

Time heels everything, and trust me when I say I found that its true.

Standy said...


Karamilah said...

stil have to catch up with some posts on ur blog,

for the mean time please change my blog url from karamilah.com to karamilah.blogspot.com

Hamid said...

Indeed strange is the visa of life,it can be cancelled at any time,its duration is unknown and its validity too cannot be extend.

Anonymous said...

My aunt just died two days ago. The house is in total chaos. My mom was her best friend. They went through everything together. good and bad. Imagine losing a best friend and a sister at the same time. I'm trying my best not to show my emotions nor cry in front of my mom. It's really hard when you try to hold your emotions. It's even harder when you try to convince yourself that you're strong in front of all those people. When deep inside you're suffering and breaking into pieces and it don't even show that you are. No I'm not ok. My family is not ok. Mom is not ok. Every night I lock my self and cry until I sleep. I don't know how will I get over her. How will I see her children without thinking about her. Life is unfair sometimes.. Allah y3een.

His Sweetheart said...

I just saw your comment, sorry :(. I am all ears if you wanna talk it out. I've been through it more than can a soul imagine. I lost my dad, brother, uncles, grandpas, grandpa,and cousins.

His Sweetheart said...

Guys, thank you :)

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