Friday, 22 October 2010

Heart Accident 4

Two days after Khalid met Hind at her house while waiting for Faisal her brother, he left to the UK with his father who was diagnosed with cancer. It was shocking how he was healthy and all of a sudden found out that he is dying in 2 months.

He was a lonely child as his mother had several miscarriages that ended up with pain to Khalid, his mother and dad. He resigned from his work making a stop to every single accomplishment he has done. He took his dad to the UK as he was told about one of the best hospitals to treat cancer in the whole world.

It was very hard on him to see his dad going through chemo therapy but he had to be tough, to endure the pain, to hold his dad's hand and tell him that it will be alright.

Faisal was there for him all the time though was still devastated with the sudden death of his beloved father.
As Khalid was googling some information online, he landed on a blog as the title enchanted him. It was entitled "Death took you away?!, it never did daddy". His eyes went through it as he read it all.

He wondered who was that girl behind it. He was touched because of all the pain inside her. She was shaking yet very strong. He envied her and wondered if he would have the same strength if he lost his dad. He closed his eyes in agony and wished he would die before he loses his dear father.

Four days after, he died. He left his loyal son struggling in a country he hasn't made a single friend in. He couldn't take the pain. He couldn't go back to Saudi Arabia and see all the places and faces his dad used to see. A very dark curtain covered his eyes. He sighed in despair and felt that life is useless after his dad..

P.S. Sorry for not posting this part last week. Sorry for not keeping it long enough to satisfy your hunger. I hardly wrote it. I'm waiting for an inspiration so that I continue in a high spirit :)

To Be Continued

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heart Accident 3

Ever since her father passed away, she lost her lively spirit. She lost her backbone, the love of her life, and her inspiration in life. Her mom has gone bonkers and everything else has just been different. Their house has been lifeless and empty. She couldn't bear the idea of seeing her uncles. Uncle Fahad looks exactly like her dad and that broken look in uncle Abdullah's eyes make her tear.

How could someone who represents everything in your life just disappear with no permission!? Why death is so cruel! "Why so sudden daddy"? was the question she has never found an answer for. She spent 3 years in ultimate denial. She couldn't even use the past tense when she thinks of him. She has never talked about him in front of anyone of her family members. He has never complained of any heart problems and all of a sudden he died of heart attack!!

A friend of hers advised her to start her own blog since she finds it her hard to talk about her deceased father. She did and the 1st post she wrote was about him. She had many condolences from strangers she has never met. It helped her a lot in taking out the loads of burden sitting on her chest.

She has made many online friends and got to befriend bloggers from different cultural backgrounds. She loved her blog, loved the attention she got, and loved the fans she never thought she would get. She has always wondered who are these "anonymous" people who leave comments under her blog! Why "anonymous"!?
While checking her email one day, she received an email from a stranger entitled "why the Blackness"?! It was from one of those anonymous commenters. She quickly clicked on the email which said:


I had the pleasure to stumble upon your blog the other day, it was another uncontrolled Internet sailing of mine :) .... sailings that keep astonishing me by the findings. I only have one question to ask ..... why the blackness !! .... really .... I can just tell you that I've never ever seen a black blog in my whole Internet life (and that's long me:) ) .....
it's not like I have the right to dictate things here ...... but I think I can suggest ...... no matter how much you like black (I do sometimes :) ) .... please change it ..... and change it not only here .... in your whole life if you could .....

I didn't find a contact me form on your blog ...... so here I am .... sorry for the interruption :)

you can easly ignore this message if feel so