Sunday, 25 January 2009

Applebee's ;D

I was starving the other day at work when I convinced my friend Noura to go for lunch
@ Applebee's.

I was craving for it ever since and had some dreams about it the night before as well lol. We went there and like always, were greeted and welcomed by their Philipino staff.

We were the only guests there so we were extremely happy that we will be free to do whatever we wanted to do.

We are none smokers but we prefer to sit in the smokers area. It's cozier and more comfortable I guess.

It started with Noura and I being surrpunded by 3 Philipinos. We were discussing what to order when they started to interfere.

The 1st guy: "Madam, is it your 1st time here."?

Me: "Yeah, but I am a regular customer at the one in Khobar that they even sing for me whenever I ask them to whether it's my or not."

The 1st guy: "Oh, niiice, you live there?"

Me: "Umm yeah and No, I was wondering till when is he gonna ask so I started asking if they have an ATM machine or not"

The 2nd guy: "No, madam, that's a problem all customers complain from"

The 3rd guy approached with cupons "Madam, fill it if you want, the withdraw will be in Feb"

Me: "Oh, I am never lucky but I will do it anyways and if I won that Jeeb, you will all have lunch on my expenses".

Noura is on the phone and I am suffering a lone if you're wondering where is she.

I filled in the cupons, Noura's too and handled them to the 1st guy.

The 1st guy: "Your name is Sosun "with his Philipino accent", what does it mean"?!

Me: "It's a rare flower"

The 2nd guy : "It's Orchid I know"

Me: "No, it's Iris"

The 2nd guy : "Naura, what does it mean"?

Me: "Cracking out because she hates it when people pronounce her name this way.

Noura: "It means a wild white flower".

We were talking about an important thing and they were like body guard surrounding us. I didn't know what to do so I asked one to bring me Coke, the other to check on our food, and the 3rd to turn off the TV. I asked him to put some music on so he was like "Mattawa *religious men* came and banned putting music madam"

The 2nd guy: "Madam, have yo been to U.A.E"?

Noura: "Yeah, a few times"

The 2nd guy: "The women there drive and they don't cover",

The 2nd guy: "Are you single"?

Me: "Yeah"

The 2nd guy looking at Noura : "Madam, why don't you uncover to show your beauty"? "Look at how beautiful Sosun is"?!!

I was like @-@!! I wasn't even wearning make up for God's sake!! Did he even see how red my nose is?!

Noura murmuring : "So, it's like what Christians do to Muslims heheh"

The 3rd guy interrupts with our food.

Me: "Noura, that's not what I ordered"!!

Noura: "Then call him and ask him to replace it"

Me calling him :"Excuse me, that's not my order, I wanted this dish at the beginning but then replaced it with Angus Burger,"

The 3rd guy: "Oh, I thought you said both"

Me: "How can I eat both"?!

The 3rd guy: "O.K. Madam, I will bring yours in minutes"

The 2nd guy comes in two minutes with my meal "Madam, your meal"

Me: "@-@, where is my french fries? I can't eat without it"?!

The 2nd guy : "Oh, I guess the waiter got perplexed because he said you asked for mash potatoe to replace the french fries"?!

Me: "That's not what I said, I said mash potatoe as a side dish"!

The 2nd guy : "O.K. Madam, anything else"

Me: "Yes, sauces please, mustard with honey and ranch sauce"

We started eating when the 2nd guy came and stood looking at us. Noura looked up saying : "YEAH"!!

The 2nd guy :"Are you enjoying your meals"?!

Noura in an angry face "YES, thanks, deep inside she was saying not in your presnse ass hole"!!

He stood there for a while observing and smiling. I got fed up!! How can I eat a burger and dip my french fries when a guy is standing on my head. I got furious and so asked him to refill my Coke. He was delighted to serve me, you know I am his beloved lol . He asked if I would like to have cherries and I said "Why not"?!

Noura started cracking saying it will be champange like but i didn't give a damn. To be honest, it was very yummy!! He said he will make me one whenever I visit him, I stop by.

My driver came and we were heading out surrounded by 4 Philipinos wishing us a safe ride and telling us how much they enjoyed our visit lol

I hopped into my seat when the 2nd Philipino guy who fell in love with me came and kocked at the window. I really thought he was giving my his number lol and I freaked out. He said "Madam, you forgot your wallet"!


Gone Bonkers. said...

talk about being bombarded by the waiters! did waiter #2 really say 'perplexed'? it seems like a hard word (i'm not insinuating anything) ... and in the end atleast he had a good conscience to hand you your wallet =)

E-Arab said...

Great! now I know where are the waiters when we need them.

His Sweetheart said...

Gone Bonkers,
He fell for me hehehe ;D. Yeah, he was gentle

His Sweetheart said...

I had this feeling that you're a guy and I was right loooool ;D

His Sweetheart said...

Mr. E-Arab if you're hearing me
I tried to contact you but there was no contact email in your blog. There is a problem in whoever wants to comment on your posts, please solve it lol

E-Arab said...

thanks a lot,
another blogging illiterate

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the Philippino waiters! LMAO @ the way the flirt! If ever happen that I'm in Dammam, I will cover all my face if I ever go to that restaurant, I don't need the unnecessary explanation for them, LOL!

SouS said...

only in saudi arabia, man, interesting story, and must have ruined your lunch completely, i normally tell them to leave!

Limited said...

wow .. talk about too much service .. sometimes people actually like to enjoy their food without 4 different waiters standing on their heads! =P though at least he had the decency to give u ur wallet ..

His Sweetheart said...

You're most welcome and it happens a lot, no worries ;)

His Sweetheart said...

I was gonna say we go together but you know both of us are queens of beauty so it's dangerous hehehe

His Sweetheart said...

I am too polite to say so lol. Sadly, it happens most in Saudi simply because guys are deprived from seeing women walking with no abayas or head veils!

His Sweetheart said...

You're right it sucks. Especially if you were starving to death and wants to eat with all fingers lol

Nani_37 said...

LOOL .. why did you say they were Filipinos? i couldn't stop reading their lines with a Filipino accent lol :p ..

I didn't know they actually did that :s ... Now this raises a question, does any girl ever like that?

Why can't they just joke around, i can spend the entire time talking to the waiters if they actually do have something to say.

His Sweetheart said...

I love you Nani hehehe

I am kinda like you. I won't mind talking to waiters but when eating?! How can I?!

libero anima said...

i like to talk to waiters espicially if they r filipenooos cuz then i start talking to them with the few filipno words i know w they all laugh w yestanesooon =p ..

bss 9dg '67akt 3ala what happened to u there .. =p
w zain a5er shaiy he gave u ur wallet back ya7laileh ;p =D

Eramsurviv0r said...

If there's one thing I learned to do whenever I go to a restaurant, is to not be "too friendly" with the waiters there...SPECIALLY if they were from that nationality (no degrading or racism intended here! so please spare me! -_-).

I mean I understand that they are required to be overly nice and friendly....but it seems they don't know when to draw the line so they won't reach "simply annoying" land.

I noticed that they can't help sometime but be like this. I invited my friend to steak house a few weeks ago, and when we took our places, FOUR waiters came to us, one had the menu, and the others simply stood over our heads watching >_>

While we were browsing the menus I dropped my guard and said something funny to my friend....they all laughed on it >_<
as if this was the start signal, they started bombarding us with all kinds of questions and comments "are you from here?" "are you relatives?" " "how old are you?" "nice clothes! where did you buy them from?" "you look so nice! >_<"

At this point i was about to snap at them for good....but i barely held myself together and i said in a pretty fed-up-ish tone " Do you want something from me???"
.... they finally understood that they are actually being annoying, so they dispersed quietly and not a single one of them came to us again....ahhh sweet freedom!
I won't even go to when i took my sisters to that japanese restaurant! GOD !

Anonymous said...

LOOOL! Don't worry, if we go there, we will wear niqab and sunglasses *_^. Susu you are always the Queen of Beauty in my heart =)

His Sweetheart said...

emwah emwah emwah ;D

Adnan said...

The funny part is, here in Saudi Arabia, you can quite easily replace yourself and your friend with two male friends and the story could pan out the same way with those waiters - if you catch my drift! lol!

His Sweetheart said...

I definitely got ya ;D

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