Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Nights in Rodanthe

My dose of movies watching is never ever ending. I finished downloading this movie two days ago and couldn't wait till I watch it the other day. I would be away from my nephews and nieces nagging over my head I said and I was right.

I silenced my mobile, put my ear phone on and got involved in the movie. It's a drama, romance type. Just glancing at this picture, you would notice the sexy Richard Gere. OMG, I really love him, I really do and I would stand up in the aisle saying "I do, I do, I do" for him even if he got the worst smell ever!!

This guy is a live example that getting older doesn't kill a guy's romance. I am difinetly not talking about the kind of romance Saudi guys have since I am Saudi, oh sorry they don't. Romance is a word that you would never find while looking up "Saudi Guys Dictionary". I always answer when asked about romance saying it died with those 1% of Saudi males carrying it.

Well, I have always been asked about the age I would like my man to be when marrying and I answer saying "From 28-35". After watching Richard Gere in this movie, I started having second thoughts about marrying old guys loool. I am serious people, just have another glance at him in this picture. Look at the way he is holding the heroine. Look at the eyes talk even ith his sunglasses on. Gosh, I am falling for him. Even his white hair makes him more sexier!! Eww with black hair guys, white hair all the way hehehe.

I swear I didn't have the intention of turning my movie preview into a talk about the hero but what can I do, he blinded me ;D.

As I mentioned earlier, the movie is a romantic type. I don't wanna ruin the story because you better watch it romance lovers. It's the real love we all seek girls. It's the eternity no matter what.

Like any romantic movie, it has a sad ending. Its very sad ending changed my mood for the whole movie and made me cry my eyes out!

I give him 10/10 with triple Oscar awards ;) . The scenary, plot, people, music, and ending are all amazing.

P.S. Thanks for whoever uploaded this movie for putting the movie track sounds. I was definitely going to search for them ;)


Gone Bonkers. said...

girl keep these types of movies coming ... we want romance! :P

i found a torrent that has both the movie and the soundtrack in mininova by a group called fxm

eshda3wa said...

it sounds a lil too depressing for me right now

His Sweetheart said...

Gone Bonkers
I will ;D

Oh, it's the same group I downloaded the movie from ;D

His Sweetheart said...

Then watch it when you're in a good mood sweetie.

SouS said...

the book was much better, as usual for Nicholas Sparks movies, but this was definitely a great movie..
glad you enjoyed it !

His Sweetheart said...

I happened to be at Jarir an hour ago and saw the book there! I didn't buy it though. I don't know, I thought it would be ruined since I already know the ending!

I wish I have read it earlier!

Kimberly said...

I can't believe I still haven't seen this movie yet! Nicholas Sparks is one of my all-time-favorites in the romance department, he just knows what women want ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and I'm flattered you enjoy I Smell Books!

Keep in touch!

His Sweetheart said...

Go download it, you will love it. I love the writer too, I am reading his book "A Bend on the Road" and it's amazing so far!

hijabee said...

Saw this on netflix. Will definetely rent it. THanks for the review :)

Bliss said...

i downloaded the movie a few days ago, but haven't seen it yet.
you got me all excited to watch it :D

Amu said...

I have to watch it then sooon.

Mina said...

You've been tagged:)- http://humblemuslimah.blogspot.com/2009/01/favorite-tag.html

Balqees said...

u have NO idea how much I LOVED THIS MOVIE !!!

i cried and cried and OMG cried at the end :(

+ i love james franco i think he's HOT !!:P

Majda said...

Oh, God. I love Romance and Richard Gere is a great actor. :D

By the way, you've been tagged. Check my blog for details. :P

E-Arab said...

It's funny how women's preferred men age grows with Richard Gere’s age. This guy will grow up and die and no women in earth will see a glimpse of father figure in him.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Richard Gere! OMG Susu you are so into him! That is so true about the Saudi guys and romance =P I'm glad Fahd is half of the 1% that survive, why I said he is half is because sometimes he can be a jerk. Boys will be boys.

His Sweetheart said...


enjoy it :)

His Sweetheart said...


me toooo

Thanks for the tag

His Sweetheart said...

lol, why did you get angry?! I said the romance in him lol

His Sweetheart said...

loooooool you're so right lol