Sunday, 2 August 2009

Learning the Arabic language

Controversial reactions varying from welcoming to disapproving were aroused in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia recently. That was the result of what a group of British male students who expressed their desire of traveling to Saudi Arabia to study the Arabic language.

As known, Saudi students when sent for scholarships abroad and in UK specifically, live with British families who consider them part of the family. Being with them helps in getting the language faster especially with everyday talk.

The British students "William, Maria, Jack, and Robinson" expressed their wish of being accepted by Saudi families in the summer to live with and hence learn the language through a letter that was distributed in facebook.

They reassured the saudi citizens that they are fully aware of their traditions and cultural differences. Robinsion expressed his sincere desire in learning the Khaleeji accent as he calls it for most of the British people who speak Arabic use either Egyptian or Syrian dialects.

Some Saudi guys loved the idea as it might transfer the image of Saudis being good at heart not as what some foreigners think of especially after 9/11 crisis which is still affecting some of the Saudi students who are studying abraod.

Some Saudis were harsh in their reactions that British living inside conservative Saudi families is a sin especially with the religion differences and the taboos of the Saudis.

In my own humble opinion, having students like these would be a great thing for both countries. It will wipe out the Saudi-Terror-Image and strengthen the bonds of both countries.

The question is of what type of families to live with??!It is a bit difficult especialy with Saudi Arabia being known as the 1st and the most strict country in its traditions, segregation, and male dominant society which is a big hinder. However, those students can be hosted by some families who are quite open to such things and I guess those would exist in compunds that are being mingled with foriegners and Saudis. Having these two big diversities together let each part stoop to conquer which at the end resulted in mutual understanding and harmony between each other.


Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

I think its a great idea. And I seriously dont understand the ppl who disagree with it. Yeah I know, alot of Saudis wouldn't want those British in their houses, but then again they know there are some who would love it and welcome them. So why freaking disagree ? :S

Dreamer;* said...

i strongly agree with every word you said.. e7na bel kuwait kelaa eyoun foriegners and live eb my friend's parents' house every year.. it was really fun =P

frogman said...

very nice post wallah.. i can't believe this is the first i hear of this.. so what happened in the end? summer is almost over..

or do you have a link to the letter/discussion?

thaank you

Puça said...

I think that is a great idea!

I learned english staying one year abroad, when 16, in USA, studying my senior year. It's the best experience, you learn the language and a lot of the host country.

I guess it's difficult to be the first in a conservative country but it's something that can really help to understand it better!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Frogman! y didnt u send me the link? :-p

Anonymous said...

It's a nice idea. I think those people who live in an area with the compound wouldn't mind being a host family.

Another-Penelope said...

in saudi arabia i think its gonna be difficult with the culture and lifestyle

The Extravagate said...

Wow in saudi? I really hope it works

Mina said...

You've een tagged

nosa said...

thats atully a great idea with families that r open to that n r okay with it.. i think it will be a great experince for both ..

Elise said...

Hello, I just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your post today.

I love reading your blog - thank you very much for sharing your pictures and thoughts !

Mario said...

"It will wipe out the Saudi-Terror-Image"

I don't really give a flying f*** of what anyone thinks of me as a Saudi.

Why do i have to explain myself to anyone? specially someone i didn't interfere with in any way.
He want to judge me and be prejudice....let them be.

It just show how arrogant and closed minded they are.
I am who I am....This need of others approval of our humane values just feeds the idea of a lower and upper human class.

We need to get rid of this submissive mentality which seek it's existing approval from others.

His Sweetheart said...

Dr.Smart CoOKie

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia would never be equalized!

Thank you. You got the link :)

I love you!

Saudi Dawn
You got it too :)


Nothing is difficult until we implement it :)

The Extravagate
Summer is over and we haven't heard a thing about it yet!

His Sweetheart said...

Thanks :)


You made me day! Thank you my darling

I agree with you but 9/11 happened and we are all suffering the consequences though we have never been involved! This is a fact that can't be overlooked my dear!

Euphoria said...

They can always stay with me ;)

Miss you :X

WhiteOrchid said...

Thats a nice way to learn arabic. I'm sure there are plenty of saudis who are willing to take in people like this.