Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Congrats to the bride! Congrats to the groom!

I have neglected my blog recently and negelcted reading my favorite readers' posts and I am really sorry! The reason is that my brother got engaged :)
He is the 1st brother to get engaged in our family so things have been hectic! The party was in Tuesday and till now my legs hurt since I was the camera woman plus on heels lol
P.S. The bride's maids in the photograph above are my neices. The youngest is my pumpkin neice Peacho who has been living with me for the past two months. Hence, she has started calling me mama! So, that's a nother reason why I am away! I am a mom :P
It's the 1st happy thing we have done since my dad and uncle died. I missed them both the most especially when my brother came in but for the 1st time in 4 years, I was happy :)


Bliss said...

mashallah!! allah ywafgo o ys3do :)
that's great news ^_^

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the couples! That is such a great news and glad that you enjoy your time to the max!

Peacho so adorable! About the mama part, I know the sweet warm feeling, awww!

PS Miss you bunch!

Faith said...

Yay finally an update!

Congrats to your brother and his fiancee!

Stay happy :)

Another-Penelope said...

welcome come back sweetheart and 3l brakaaa ^_^

nosa said...

awwwwwwwwwww mabroook :D

allah yes3dhum we5aleehum 7g b3'6 ^_^
n yeah i know how it feels after a wedding! was going to die after my cuzins 1! hehehe

the kidos r SOOO cute allah y7f'6hum :D

n welcome bk.. lazm we need a break sometimes mn net!

Rimyoleta said...

Mabrook dear...
they look so cute :)

Puça said...


And I hope is the first of a bunch of moments yet to come!

Candy said...

mabroooook,alla yes3edah ya raab i his new life..

o doom il afra7 inshalla

monalisa said...

Congratulations =)
Wishing the best for the new couple and inshallah your happiness is the begining of happier moments yet to come

Puça said...

Hi his sweetheart...

to your question..currently living in a city close to Madrid.

But I am not from here but from Barcelona, in Cataluña, northeast of spain, border with france and the mediterranean sea.

I can't smell the sea from here..I miss it sooo much!!

Anonymous said...

3asa alla dayman yetammim 3alaikom o yejma3kom bel afra7 wekhaleelich Peacho hehehe


frogman said...

alf alf mabrook.. allah yiwafighom oo yis3idhom inshallah.. 3ogbalik inshallah :)

and inshallah this is the beginning of the many pieces of good news yet to come..

His Sweetheart said...

Thankkkkkkkk you all