Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I am saying this again and again and again!

I am sorry my dear blog and I am sorry my dearest readers for being such a bad-ass-blogger lol !

I swear I can hardly find some me time!

Since we flew our dear maid that I hate so much away, I have been working my ass off doing chores at home! I am a princess! I am never used to wiping, cleaning, washing dishes and cooking!

It used to be 2 chores a day but now in Ramadan, it's all messed up! A big house with no maid is the biggest disaster ever!!

4 months ago, our maid got sick, really sick! Her face was so big and her body was yellow and pale. We thought it was just an alergy so, we let her rest and sleep all day long while my sisters and I serve her. We cooked food for her, cleaned the house instead of her as well. She got worse so we took her to the hospital. They suspected her disease so they decided to put her in an isolated room fearing the disease to be contagious.

I was really worried on her and accompanied her in the hospital and made sure she is O.K. Even during the visiting time, I used to visit her with my sisters and bring her food and new clothes. I asked every visitor to wear a mask and cover their faces with the shaila because I was worried on her being hurt.

2 days after, the result came. She was O.K, nothing serious but there she had an infected lungs. The Doctor said that she wouldn't be able to work, use cleaning stuff and she should rest!!

Since we respect maids privacy, we don't search their luggages and rooms except when they arrive and when they departure. I went to clean her room and change the bed sheets and I was shocked! REAAAALLY shcoked!

I saw wonders!! Her bed was satined with blood and urine! Their was two big pots inside each other with dirty water inside them. There were 2 cups on top of each other, one with a peeled orange and the other with a rotten orange! There were some pads, stained ofcoruse! My siserts brand new T-shirts were found there. My missing Chanel watch was under the bed! Not to forget the big amount of money and jewlery! Even my neices rubber bands and hair clips were there!

Many many missing stuff were there that almost belonged to every member of the family. We asked a shaikh about some of the stuff we found there and he asked us to either burn them or toss them away in the ocean saying that these are pre-magic things. Her said we should be thankful that she got hospitalized so that her ugly truth got revealed!!

My mom was in denial!! She was like any one of us! She used to have her share of lunch that I wasn't even counted for when I was at work! My mom buys her every single thing she asks for and never takes money from her salary like what some families do!

The moment her treatment was over after spending 10 days at the hospital, her flight was out waiting for her. I went to her and told her that the doctor said we should get rid of everything she has and we did! We bought her new clothes, new bags and even asked her if she wanted to buy anything because we were afraid that she might have the intention of doing something more. Before she left the hospital, I told her that the doctor said she got her disease because she was filthy and that if she doesn't take care of her hygiene, cockroaches will come out of her skin!

So, yes we have been maid-less for 5 months now with never ending home chores!

On another note, we discovered that our neighbors, those who just have a wall seperating them from us were down with swine flu!!! You know how Saudis were lately in the streets with their masks on. We saw them entering and leaving with masks on and we were like, oh like everybody!!

But when we heard the news, we were really shocked!! They were having their daughter's wedding when a relative of them came from another country with the disease! 2 of the bride's youngest brothers got sick, 2 elderly women as well! They were all healed like a month ago but why didn't they inform us so that we become more cautious!!

On a third note, I got many birthday gifts :) :)

A blackberry

A fancy bag

A sexy shoes

3 perfumes

A funky T-Shirt

A wonderful set of candles craved with my name

A sweet necklace

And I know that more are yet to come :P


Wise Guy said...

OK lets begin shall we :)
I got the story of your maid...

But it's the first time you mention the neighbors with swine flu :| :\

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Allah y3eenkom :/ we'd been maidless couple of times so 3adi I kind of got used to it.. maybe because I'm not the eldest lol.
Yay nice gifts :D I like I like!

nosa said...

we didnt have a maid for like 8 years :P n i didnt do anything accept for cleaning my room! n even that i hated!

allah y3eenkum... i hope owr maid doesnt go! walah id die! coz a7s yeah now really i will have to help my mom coz she needs me..

allah y3eeenkum :**

but ouch the maid story n how filthy she is!! el7mdelah ours is soo clean!
bss walah e5r3 the feeeling!!!

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Maids, can't live with them, can't live without them.

And the neighbors, OMG they should have said something. So scary!

Mashallah nice gifts. congrats. =]

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...
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Anonymous said...

Ewwww I hate your crazy ungrateful maid! How could she did that?! Stupid people!

About your neighbors, they should inform the neighborhood to let everyone know. Bad bad neighbors!

Aww, yay! Congrats for all these gifts!

Anonymous said...

My aunt had almost the exact same scenario with her maid...

god protect you and your family from swin flu... in UAE two people died so far from swine flu.

congrats... on your bday gifts... you deserve more :)

Bliss said...

We were maidless a few times now, everyone had a certain thing to do, and el7amdilah we got used to it.
When our new maid came, it was like an early christmas gift for us lol

Allah y7meekum da2eman! she's so scary :O

Puça said...

So you've been a good girl... nice presents!

Related to the maid's issue..we had one that tricked us, once she stole me the whole beauty line of parfum, body cream, deodorant... because I had 2 sets and thought I'd not realize. When I did, my mother asked, and she said she knew nothing about that. Next day it all apeared in my mother's room, in her sofa! And she brought us there saying.. it was here and we did not realize...hahah I still laugh.

In fact we all are humans and sometimes weak...they see you have more than they do ant want a piece of the cake... I'd not do it but can understand some do although I don't approve that behaviour.

eshda3wa said...

happy birthdaaay!

oo 3o2bal 1000 sina inshalah

about ur maid!

allah fakum minha!

just a bunch of thoughts said...

omg... this is a scary post...
stomach-truning & disturbing!

how could she sleep on a filthy bed?
omg... God protect us...


on another note, kil 3am wontay b5air :)

Another-Penelope said...

gosh that's worse sorry about it, wtf neighbors o sakteen lesh :O wow wanasaa gifts :D

SKITTLES said...

OMG! wth! I hate that we trust maids and this is happens!
Allah y3eenkom 3la your chores! :-o

aaand enjoy your gifts :D

SKITTLES said...

OMG! wth! I hate that we trust maids and this is happens!
Allah y3eenkom 3la your chores! :-o

aaand enjoy your gifts :D

Suzy said...

Wow, that is a few horrible stories sewn together. Glad the maid is gone and your birthday was great.

Charmbracelet said...

I really know and understand what ur going through!doing chores is really hard and puts u in a bad mood.But with me at the same time I don't like them doin certain things cos I like to do it myself !=) Allah e3enich

Anonymous said...

Plz dont write on pink background,my eyes cant read da last post

His Sweetheart said...

Wise guy
now you knew lol

I feel your agony lol

It is :(


Even after some people told them about it, they denied it!

Thank you :)

Weyak ya rab :)

I am always a good girl lol

His Sweetheart said...

Thanks babes

just a bunch of thoughts
What's worse is that I myself used to buy her bath stuff and deodrants every month :S


Thanks ya gomar

Thanks hun

Thanks 7bibty

My background is black, has always been!

Standy said...

looooool.. someone is being cinderella lool.. (yes, i gave cindy a different meaning lool)

yala hanat and al7amdulliah that the witch was gone before anything happend to you guys.. alf 7amdellah 3ala el salam!!

if you are being a bad blogger ana aish agool???!!

Texan in UAE said...

This is exactly why, we don't have a maid. I'm American married to a UAE local. I simply don't want one! that's that. NO way, no how. I don't want another woman in my home! Some maids are trouble! I can clean my own home! I do it the way I like.