Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Nights in Rodanthe

My dose of movies watching is never ever ending. I finished downloading this movie two days ago and couldn't wait till I watch it the other day. I would be away from my nephews and nieces nagging over my head I said and I was right.

I silenced my mobile, put my ear phone on and got involved in the movie. It's a drama, romance type. Just glancing at this picture, you would notice the sexy Richard Gere. OMG, I really love him, I really do and I would stand up in the aisle saying "I do, I do, I do" for him even if he got the worst smell ever!!

This guy is a live example that getting older doesn't kill a guy's romance. I am difinetly not talking about the kind of romance Saudi guys have since I am Saudi, oh sorry they don't. Romance is a word that you would never find while looking up "Saudi Guys Dictionary". I always answer when asked about romance saying it died with those 1% of Saudi males carrying it.

Well, I have always been asked about the age I would like my man to be when marrying and I answer saying "From 28-35". After watching Richard Gere in this movie, I started having second thoughts about marrying old guys loool. I am serious people, just have another glance at him in this picture. Look at the way he is holding the heroine. Look at the eyes talk even ith his sunglasses on. Gosh, I am falling for him. Even his white hair makes him more sexier!! Eww with black hair guys, white hair all the way hehehe.

I swear I didn't have the intention of turning my movie preview into a talk about the hero but what can I do, he blinded me ;D.

As I mentioned earlier, the movie is a romantic type. I don't wanna ruin the story because you better watch it romance lovers. It's the real love we all seek girls. It's the eternity no matter what.

Like any romantic movie, it has a sad ending. Its very sad ending changed my mood for the whole movie and made me cry my eyes out!

I give him 10/10 with triple Oscar awards ;) . The scenary, plot, people, music, and ending are all amazing.

P.S. Thanks for whoever uploaded this movie for putting the movie track sounds. I was definitely going to search for them ;)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Applebee's ;D

I was starving the other day at work when I convinced my friend Noura to go for lunch
@ Applebee's.

I was craving for it ever since and had some dreams about it the night before as well lol. We went there and like always, were greeted and welcomed by their Philipino staff.

We were the only guests there so we were extremely happy that we will be free to do whatever we wanted to do.

We are none smokers but we prefer to sit in the smokers area. It's cozier and more comfortable I guess.

It started with Noura and I being surrpunded by 3 Philipinos. We were discussing what to order when they started to interfere.

The 1st guy: "Madam, is it your 1st time here."?

Me: "Yeah, but I am a regular customer at the one in Khobar that they even sing for me whenever I ask them to whether it's my b.day or not."

The 1st guy: "Oh, niiice, you live there?"

Me: "Umm yeah and No, I was wondering till when is he gonna ask so I started asking if they have an ATM machine or not"

The 2nd guy: "No, madam, that's a problem all customers complain from"

The 3rd guy approached with cupons "Madam, fill it if you want, the withdraw will be in Feb"

Me: "Oh, I am never lucky but I will do it anyways and if I won that Jeeb, you will all have lunch on my expenses".

Noura is on the phone and I am suffering a lone if you're wondering where is she.

I filled in the cupons, Noura's too and handled them to the 1st guy.

The 1st guy: "Your name is Sosun "with his Philipino accent", what does it mean"?!

Me: "It's a rare flower"

The 2nd guy : "It's Orchid I know"

Me: "No, it's Iris"

The 2nd guy : "Naura, what does it mean"?

Me: "Cracking out because she hates it when people pronounce her name this way.

Noura: "It means a wild white flower".

We were talking about an important thing and they were like body guard surrounding us. I didn't know what to do so I asked one to bring me Coke, the other to check on our food, and the 3rd to turn off the TV. I asked him to put some music on so he was like "Mattawa *religious men* came and banned putting music madam"

The 2nd guy: "Madam, have yo been to U.A.E"?

Noura: "Yeah, a few times"

The 2nd guy: "The women there drive and they don't cover",

The 2nd guy: "Are you single"?

Me: "Yeah"

The 2nd guy looking at Noura : "Madam, why don't you uncover to show your beauty"? "Look at how beautiful Sosun is"?!!

I was like @-@!! I wasn't even wearning make up for God's sake!! Did he even see how red my nose is?!

Noura murmuring : "So, it's like what Christians do to Muslims heheh"

The 3rd guy interrupts with our food.

Me: "Noura, that's not what I ordered"!!

Noura: "Then call him and ask him to replace it"

Me calling him :"Excuse me, that's not my order, I wanted this dish at the beginning but then replaced it with Angus Burger,"

The 3rd guy: "Oh, I thought you said both"

Me: "How can I eat both"?!

The 3rd guy: "O.K. Madam, I will bring yours in minutes"

The 2nd guy comes in two minutes with my meal "Madam, your meal"

Me: "@-@, where is my french fries? I can't eat without it"?!

The 2nd guy : "Oh, I guess the waiter got perplexed because he said you asked for mash potatoe to replace the french fries"?!

Me: "That's not what I said, I said mash potatoe as a side dish"!

The 2nd guy : "O.K. Madam, anything else"

Me: "Yes, sauces please, mustard with honey and ranch sauce"

We started eating when the 2nd guy came and stood looking at us. Noura looked up saying : "YEAH"!!

The 2nd guy :"Are you enjoying your meals"?!

Noura in an angry face "YES, thanks, deep inside she was saying not in your presnse ass hole"!!

He stood there for a while observing and smiling. I got fed up!! How can I eat a burger and dip my french fries when a guy is standing on my head. I got furious and so asked him to refill my Coke. He was delighted to serve me, you know I am his beloved lol . He asked if I would like to have cherries and I said "Why not"?!

Noura started cracking saying it will be champange like but i didn't give a damn. To be honest, it was very yummy!! He said he will make me one whenever I visit him, I stop by.

My driver came and we were heading out surrounded by 4 Philipinos wishing us a safe ride and telling us how much they enjoyed our visit lol

I hopped into my seat when the 2nd Philipino guy who fell in love with me came and kocked at the window. I really thought he was giving my his number lol and I freaked out. He said "Madam, you forgot your wallet"!

Hungry?! Over here please

Looking for a mouth watering treat?!
Here is the yummiest, warmest, chubbiest cheeks EVER ;D
For free from my nephew Mo ;)

See how good swimmer he is?! He loves water and his favorite hobby is swimming though he is only 1 year and a half my sweetest. It takes me an hour or more to pull up my courage and start swimming in a pool when he jumps like a baby dolphin in no time. Oh, getting him out of water is like stabbing him with a knife lol

If you're looking for someone to pamper and cuddle you, Mo is always there and again free of charges ;D.
Just pretend that you're crying and he will run to you to offer you the tightest hug you would ever dream about. He will love you most if you will throw him in the air and danced around with him.

His kisses are really Heaven-like ;)
The 1st commentor will get to swim with him, hurry up, hurry up lol

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

"Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us"

My dear bloggers, this is by far, one of the best movies of the year. It's a must see movie, you hear me!!

This movie made me drown in my own pool of tears. Bruno, the boy with blue sky eyes is simply one of a kind, never like any 8 years old child in his age.

It's "Germans and Jews war" I know, everybody hates Jews that's a fact but the movie is really awesome!!

I give it 10/10 with an Oscar award as well.

P.S. Imdb are thinking of the possibility of hiring me as a promoter. I am so excited to accept it but you know, I have to negotiate a bit to show them that I am not an easy girl ;D

If available as a book, I am so gonna buy it ;)

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Love Guru

Did I just waste an hour and a half watching this movie??!!

Fun yet stupid ;D lol


P.S. Jessica Alba, if you don't have time reading some scripts, don't you have someone wiser than you to read them?!!

P.S. Justin Timberlake, I have never loved you and thanks to you, I will never do lol

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Mighty Sick


Virgos are the bestest ever but they are damned in which they have no immunity whatsoever!!

It's weekend for God's sake!! I am not supposed to be staying at home lamenting and feeling pity for myself.

Oh did I say this, I can't eat, drink, smell neither
B R E A T H E. Although I hate having running nose but a blocked one is a disaster for real!!

My friend called and wanted to talk. I simply couldn't for two reasons. First and foremost, I use my mouth to breathe since my nose is blocked. So, how on earth am I going to breathe if I talked?!! Secondly, I sound like an old lady!!

Oh, whoever calls me, please spare me the call if you ever going to say "Oh, are you sleeping"?!! Can't you tell the difference between a sleeping voice and a sick one!! I hate whoever says that to me!! It gets on my nerves!!

My sister came to my room asking me to go out shopping with her. I was like "HUH"!!? She said "Yeah shopping". Of course she felt bad when I said I can't. Couldn't she choose another day?! Coudln't she see how tomatoe like my cheeks are? Or how I am laying in bed with two tissue boxes and a trash can next to me?!

P.S."Flu" Please do whatever you wanna do with me but I beg you don't peel my nose!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Thanks to my pink Ipod, I am currently addicted to these songs. I can't get enough from them.

Don't ask me why, just play them.

Breathe in water by Anggun

Breathe by Faith Hill

Breathe easy by Blue

P.S. I just discovered that all of these songs contain the word "breathe". Is it a connotation that I am suffocating, I guess yeah!

P.P.S. Zara, Anggun's song reminds me of you and Fahd whenever I play it!!

P.P.P.S. To everybody who visits my blog for the 1st time, I was here once


Oh, congrats for me for moving to blogger ;D. I will be a good girl blogger, I promise ;)