Thursday, 23 September 2010

Heart Accident 2

It was her 18th birthday as her parents and brothers were throwing her a surprise party. She was their only girl, among 3 brothers. Ibrahim was the eldest, 29 years old, a widower with two cute girls. He was married to Sara, the girl he fought the world for. Sara was his cousin. They have been in love since they were young. Everbody objected her when he announced that he wants to marry her due to the bad relationship between her dad and his. Luckily enough, she was the reason the two families got reunited again when Sara had her 1st baby, Lama.

It was one reason that made Ibrahim grew fonder of her. She was his queen and the only woman he could ever see. A year after, Sara got pregnant again. After long months of pregnancy, she started to feel labour pain. She called Ibrahim who rushed like crazy to take her to the hospital. 3 hours passed and she was still in the LAD room with Ibrahim, his sister, mother, and mother-in-law praying outside for her.

The doctor came out congratulating them on their new princess. "We tried our best" said the doctor but Sara had to go.
Silence overwhelmed the place. Everybody was in disbelief but when Ibrahim's mother went to hug him, it snapped him out. He cried and weeped like a baby.He lost his soul mate, his love, his friend, his wife, and the mother of his two babies.

Joory, his little princess is now two years old, yet Ibrahim is still not himself.Their bedroom has been locked ever since. He has been sleeping in the guest room and he hasn't hugged nor kissed Joory at all, ever since her mom died. He would buy her clothes, milk and diapers but would never hold her.

Faisal came in the middle among her three brothers. He was the closest to her heart and the most understanding. He was 18 when he went on his own to UK to study his bachelor degree. He came back home with an honor degree which made her parents gay. A few weeks later, he had many offers in front of him, two of them were in UK. He was genuis and he deserved it. He didn't want to leave his house again though so, he accepted to work in Saudi Arabia. So many things have happened and Ibrahim needed a brother beside him.

Abdulaziz was the youngest, 10 years old and everybody's pet. He is the one when was asked what do you want to be when you grow up who answered saying " Train Driver".

Although Hind was only 18, a teenager as it should be, she was a mature woman. Seeing Ibrahim, her role model Romeo, shattering into pieces due to the loss of his wife, broke her heart. She wonderedif one day, she would find a guy who will be ready to kill for her. She has seen and heard of the million stories of girls' hearts being broken. However, deep inside, she had afeeling that her guy will be the one who compeletes her, the one who will never make her cry, the one who will never hurt her even if it was her mistake, the only one who if found out that she is in need, will run to give her a hug.

To Be Continued


Summer said...

i loved it! amazing! that part when sara dies is so sad!
Continue on doing this! :D

Lama said...

WOW Mashallah !! If this was a book !! I would be the 1st to rush to the store to buy it !!

Standy said...

i like how this story is going.. is based on true events?

Anonymous said...

can you please change the colors of your blog they are blinding please I am trying to read it but my eyes went crqazy and now they hurt :)

His Sweetheart said...

I know :(

awwww, such a big boost!

Somehow :)

What are the colors that you see? I don't think they're the same colors I have. They are pretty calm and clear :)

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