Friday, 27 February 2009

A decision was made

Tomorrow, I am submitting my resignation. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I have no interest in going back or changing my mind whatsoever.
I wanna be the old cheerful me. I wanna get back in touch with my friends like before. I have been lately withdrwan from all the people I love for one reason only which is me being depressed all the time. I am a very frank person but when it comes to work I have this closed mouth. I didn't wanna call my friends and start whining and complaining that's away I clicked the pause button in my life.
I was fearing mom's response because I am her pride and joy. I tried my best not to cry when telling her about my decision but I couldn't. She supported me and told me that God will give me a better job, a job that appreciates me and a very organized one too.
I know I gave up my attitude of not resigning before finding another job but what I have seen made me change my mind. I hate hypocrisy, lies, and conspiracies and all that happen before me every day. I even fear checking my email because a new problem might arise which will put me into a deeper phase of depression more than the one I am already having.
I will be working with them during my month notice which will start tomorrow and meanwhile continue my job searching. I don't care about how much salary I might get. I am just looking for an organized place that appreciates me.
I am not sad. I am relaxed and content like I have never been. I am positive that I will get a better job soon :)


Anonymous said...

Sweetie I'm so proud of you! Seriously, you need a change because I know how much you hate and wish to quit that job. Inshallah tomorrow and future is going to fill with joy and laughter =)

Mina said...

Well done sweety:) so proud of you...

Inshallah khair hun

TOUCHE' said...

You've made the right choice since you cannot possibly keep functioning properly in an environment that keeps draining you out of energy and life. Just enjoy the refreshing feeling you get once you set your foot outside this madness, a remarkable sensation with a tremendous relief.

Best of luck.

Nani_37 said...

I'm glad you decided to let go of what's been causing your depression. I think it's a right call. And i'm very optimistic that you'll find another job that you'll feel really comfortable with.

Wishing you the very best :)

Eramsurviv0r said...

that must've been a hard decision to make, but did the right thing.

A place where you go to every single day of your life and spend a long time in it, REALLY needs to be comfortable and inviting . where you feel comfy and at ease.
If that sense is lost, you're just gonna be stressed and frustrated the whole time...and in the long run it will affect your personal life...maybe even your health.
I fully support what you did, and i'm sure your gonna find another job soon, since you're not really looking for a higher salary but a better work environment.
take care & good luck !

Euphoria said...

All the best with whatever you decide :)

E-Arab said...

It takes a lot of courage to make such decisions, I wish that you find a job that you like so much that you are willing to do it for free. May god bless your efforts and guide you.

Another-Penelope said...

a better choice, find a really good job that makes you feel much better, may god give you what you want dearish ^_^

HishMaj said...

InshaAllah everything is for the good. Since you are really happy with the decision, you should really be happy about it.

I am happy for you.
I am sure you will find a better job, all the best!

Anonymous said...

Allah yktob lek elli feeh el5air :)

hijabee said...

InshaAllah, it is for the best and you will find something better. You shouldn't stay in a job that stresses you out so much or when you don't feel comfortable. Just follow your guts, it's the right decision for you to make at this point in your life. I pray that you find something better and way less stressfull inshaAllah. Good luck on the job hunt!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, You are brave.

you are still young... nothing to lose... so take your time to relax and choose the right job...

nothing beats waking up in the morning with a smile just because you are going to work... nothing beats working in a job you love so much..

thats why since I am 19years am still working in the same company for the past 7years...

so I wish you to find that job which will make you proud of what you do everyday :)

cheer up :) you are gifted

sara said...


His Sweetheart said...

Thanks :)

Ya rab

Though I don't know you but thanks, thanks, thanks ;)

His Sweetheart said...


Thanks a bunch

Thanks sweetie

His Sweetheart said...

It is indeed. Inshalla fat7at 5air lee :)



Thanks sugar :)


Thanks a lot

Keep on cheering me up plz lol

Faisal F. said...

Okkkkk, that came right outta the blue, didn't see that coming! The circumstances or the reasons I have no clue whatso ever. But I'm sure you had your good reasons to. Good luck and wish you all the sucess to your new future.
Don't worry about finding a job, looking at the amount of support you're getting from the 'fellow bloggers', i'm pretty sure they can set up a fund with a monthly stiped to keep you blogging and doing what you like doing. :)

Neoark said...

me2, I am trying to get back to my old cheerful self... it's hard and not easy...

anyway, i couldn't find good advice other than what you just said, no point taken your happiness.

and you'll always be pride of joy of ur mother no matter what you do (even mistakes), don't think you'll be otherwise even for slightest chance.

it's okay to cry ^_^

Gone Bonkers. said...

its their loss believe me. in my opinion, if you can't give a 100% in the job then something is wrong. and the environment you're in proves it. Allah ywafgech 7abebty in whichever path you choose henceforth and i'll be praying for you and i'm with you through everything ;)

eshda3wa said...

inshallah u will !

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!
I was at this state last May - I wanted to leave without thinking. For me, it is a good thing that I stayed for a bit, talked it out with them and well..I am still here. I am looking to leave and everyday, coming in is a battle. Work sucks when you don't feel appreciated or are whacked about w/o regard.

Kudos to you for not putting up with crap and moving on and having faith that things will be better, inshaAllah!