Monday, 16 February 2009

Guys, Guys, Guys!!

What's up with guys these days!!?

Are they sick?!

Are they crazed?!

Is it something in the air?!

It's what for god's sake?!

Out of the blue, I recieved a weird message on my facebook account. Have a look at it please.

I would love to get to know you and meet you. would you please leave me your number so we can talk?! I am 36 years old, British nationality, Palestinian origin and based in London. I go to Jordan sometimes for a visit.

Hope to hear from you soon Susu


Hold on, did he just call me Susu??! Please tell me it was my wild imagination only!! I haven't ever heard of nor seen this guy ever in my life to call me Susu so bluntly. What was he thinking about when he sent me that message?! Was he expecting me to fall for him and send him my number!! ME hehehe, you stupid, you don't know who you sent a message to!!

Of course, he was trashed!

Now, there is another story. Shosha listen to it because I didn't tell you about it. I swear I wanted to tell you but got carried away with all these things that happened lately and I just remembered it.

Once upon a time there was this guy who called me a few times, workwise of course. His calls were regarding someone who works with us, hired hy him. The guy is Saudi, a well respected guy as I found him to be. What's between us wasn't more than 4 calls which took less than 3 minutes each.

The story begins when I was sleeping in bed 3 months after he last called. It was 3 AM when I woke up to see a missed call with an sms from him. He hasn't ever sent nor called after my working hours, how about 3 AM in the morning!!. I freaked out when I saw his name and started reading the message which took away every bit of drowsiness in my eyes!

It was a love message, written in Arabic of course. In it he addressed me with every single love word that you may have heard of! He was talking to me as his future wife to be and that he is ready to give up his eyes for my sake!!

I put my mobile under my pillow in total shock and disbelief and tried to get back to bed. I slept and an hour later I woke up and checked it to see another missed call and a message from him. The message was no different from the 1st one but with additional love words too!!

I went to work, told my friend Noura about it. My conclusion was either he was drunk or he was drunk!! Noura said that my numbr might be a digit or two different from his girfriend. I wanted to believe her because I wanted to stop thinking of reasonable justifications. I asked for the lady he hired to come, showed her the number . She said he hasn't contacted her using this number which relieved me a bit thinking that his number might have been sold. I then showed her his messages and she wasn't shocked. She confirmed that this is his style in writing.

I thought the story ended here but 2 weeks ago, she told me that he left work and she was happy for it. When I asked why she said that he was a flirty guy who talked about so many girls. I felt that look in her eyes and asked "Was I included"?! She refused to say a word but I pushed her to confess. She said that he told her we were lovers, went out on dates blah blah blah. He said that he would sacrify his son for the sake of my black eyes which are brown by the way!! I was like HUH!! Is he even married?! It turned out that he is married with 4 kids, the eldest is a 10 years old boy!

She said that she hasn't believed him at all and that he was flirty with her as well that he asked her out bluntly so many times!! She added that he called her afew times when he was drunk!!

She thought I would be pissed off after hearing so but what I did was laughing out loud!! He is crazed you know!! He is sick, what can I do!! I didn't know I have had so many crazy fans I said!! She lauhged saying I don't blame them, you have this charm to attract everybody!!

P.S. To guys, wanna flirt, do it properly or just die lol

So, now, after reading all these, will you please answer the questions I stated 1st!!


Bliss said...

your story should turn into a movie!
i say ... NEW YORK should be the place for it ;)

the weird thing about these days, enno (some) guys became straight forward when flirting, ma ymawhoon or try to be cute, la2! when they flirt they expect a yes from you!!

Almost Twilight said...

each time i open a facebook account
the same message comes to me

with a different name

telling me, "hi sweet moon"
WTH? plus wayid garga of how much he adores me and loves me


Faisal F. said...

Find me a lady and i'll show you a gentleman.

Flirts, have always existed and for one sole simple reason, coz theres always some girl out there who actually falls for their lines. May not work for you but for someone else it probably does.

They say men fall in love with their eyes and girls through their ears. Hence, flirting came into being.

Nih@L_NiT said...

U know, sometimes it's easy for them to talk love out loud when they don't even know the meaning. Lolz

A true one is hard to find. Do you agree?

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

oh I think I fall for you. wink wink.

Gone Bonkers. said...

you're the new prey :P he got needy and thought of you... its a classic case of guy needs girl (in a drunk state maybe), but surprisingly some girls give in!

and the facebook msg lol forget formalities thats old school!

The Duchess said...

I can solve a lot of equation and problems. But men? I just can't.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much harassment goes on these days via the internet, and there's nobody you can report it to. :( At least he's in another country, so you don't have to worry about a thing girl!

Maybe you could change your Facebook so that any non-friends can't send you a private message?

Anonymous said...

And the guy who told the rumors about you is a LOSER!! With a big fat "L"!!

AAaaaand to answer your question.... well, Spring is in the air and yes, all men have gone crazy I believe!!

Bird of Shadows said...

I don't think the guy at work did anything wrong , that's untill he started gossiping about you with other girls !!! oh wait, even the 3 AM phone call was such a LOSER move... lol

Flirting, however, is a totally diffrent story. IT IS NORMAL TO FLIRT when there is an interaction between men and women, regardless of age, relegion or country. It is just normal human behavior. Check out any college campus (outside of Sauid of course), a shopping mall, a resturant, a beach, even at food stores, any place where men and women interact, FLIRTING IS NORMAL, and there is NOTHING wrong with it. And as societies become more civilized, flirtings becomes classier, nicer, and more flattering.

Every girl, deep down, married or single, a mother or not yet, old or young, doesn't mind to be flirted with , it just has to be doen RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Those men are desperate losers and sick... please don't generalize them to other men... we are not like those guys...

sadly only those desperate men will do anything (even disgusting stuff) to get the females attention... and even more sadly some girls fall for them.

cheer up, there are many good guys around :)

Anonymous said...

no comment...>:-£

Another-Penelope said...

wtf wtf that STuuuuuuuuupid flirty guy *shooting* i mean what an earth is he thinking, kids o married :/ maraaaa'6 7mdlla w shker o b3dain 9j 9j I liked the post and i was shocked that he said things about you which is not true, gosh wasnt you suppose to be angry i mean the reputation thing u know @@ jeesh id freak out and break his stuff for sure or having a fight too and above all POLICE STATION 3la 6ool @@ it's dangerous girl , you gotta becareful from those pigs !

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

LOL! Guys! They never fail to crack me up. Some are just Complete failures when it comes to flirting LOLOLOL!! hahahahah ;)

-A'qilah Saiere-

Lili3 said...

I know!! Its like a contagious disease, one day they are like angels, and next day suddenly a joker LOL

Nani_37 said...

When i read the title, Motley Crue's song Girls Girls Girls just popped into my head lol

It's crazy how some people think that just because they know someone from the other gender, this automatically means that they have to flirt and try to get all mushy mushy (i never used this in a sentence before :P)

And what kind of flirting is sending love messages ??!! And the bastard is married with kids too !! And he's making spreading rumors about you >> *&$&@#$ .. Is it a way to force you to like him ?! WTF

Flirting should come naturally, and with ease. Whenever someone over thinks it, he's dead. >> I love philosophizing :P lol

libero anima said...

looooool at the stories ..

and to answer ur question .. i think it's cuz of the change in weather =p

His Sweetheart said...

Who knows ;D

His Sweetheart said...

After Twilight
And they will get more ;D

His Sweetheart said...

Love your proverb!

His Sweetheart said...


His Sweetheart said...

*falttered* *flattered* *flattered* ;D

His Sweetheart said...

The Duchess
You're a real duchess, love ya!

His Sweetheart said...

The thing is that though I live in Saudi, I chose another country to be my network to avoid such asses but seems there is no avail whatsoever!!

His Sweetheart said...

It wasn't meant to be a generalizing but I was angry. I admit there is the good type like you ;D

His Sweetheart said...

Saudi Dawn
Please, I beg you, leave a comment lol

His Sweetheart said...

One shouldn't be scared from an ass sweetie. He should be scared from me ;D

His Sweetheart said...

Hijabis On Ranting Tour.
True, true, true ;D

His Sweetheart said...

Welcome back sweet thing. You have been missed!!

His Sweetheart said...

And I loved you philiosphizing ;D

His Sweetheart said...

That's a good reason I guess ;D

Limited said...

seriously?? mskeena mrta 3yal .. i feel sorry for her .. look what she has to live with ..

guys will never be understood .. so dont try =P less of a headache

Faisal F. said...

Got a list for you to read on my blog, and please tick the ones you find 'proper' :D Goes side by side with your post. :P

His Sweetheart said...

I think of her too :(

His Sweetheart said...

I am not that evil ;D

I will check it though lol

peace and serenity said...

Suus babe wesh gi9athom??
w ba3deen I totally forgive u for not telling me the story :P though I could have used a good laugh loool

ohh and btw I had another incident today :S and I swear it doesn't matter how old they r!! a perv is always a perv!! right ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Susu. Still remember once there was this guy said that he wanna be with you or something and his wife passed away not long ago? Is that what I read from your blog last time? Opps, why all these losers are weird, gosh I can't find a word to describe them but they are just pathetic and desperate!

Errant said...

Isn't this just super FUNNY !!

yesterday I got a call from my boss .. and by mistake I laughed .. I'm sure next days I'll have some actions !!

Dee-chan said...

so u moved out too? I thought only a few had a problem with wordpress LOL :D
congrats :)
anyways, there r always guys on FB trying to get me to talk to them. poor things don't know that I abhor their species A LOT!
they also keep bothering me on my cell-phone. I don't usually pick any calls for strange numbers, but after I started working, I had to pick every call I get fearing that it might be work related.
flirting on face book...I understand that, I can digest it with some Pepsi...but to send those ridiculous SMSs on cell phones, and expect us to fall for that!!! MY God!I thought that males stopped pursuing women on their cell-phones
I always say this, and I'll say it again. If those guys were smart enough, and really wanted to get some girls, they would stop reading flowery poetry, and start reading psychology books instead! they think all women r the same!

Eramsurviv0r said...

To answer your question,
I think it comes down to one belief.
These kind of "males" simply don't have enough respect for women.
They only see them through a very narrow sexual point of view (chauvinist you might add).
They tend to operate solely on instinct, which i think is pretty sad. Since operating on more than instinct -desire- alone is what separate us..from...animals >_>
That's why you see these kind of "males" with one girl today...tomorrow he's with another, next month another...while all of this time he's also seeing another.

Total social anarchy.

Ansam said...

Yeah there are some weird sick people on the net! I had my share of this (and I posted about it too)... and dont get me started with the FB thingy!! ughhhhhhh

RainDrop said...

Hahaha wallah u cracked me up with ur post! I've had some similar incidents, not exactly but similar. I mean at work am well respected cuz of my family name and the way i am "acting like the sister they never had, which makes them treat me like brothers" lol But i once got calls from this guy, he's saudi btw. And he was like, I'm sorry wrong number and hung up and then he started calling and leaving me voice msgs "that is at the time when voice-mail was a big thing" lol and one of his msgs was "wallah 3ashagtek min sema3t 9ootek" am like seriously man get a life! LOL

Another one who kept calling me late late late at night and shouting at me "voice mail again" and calling me names for ignoring him cuz he's so in love with me and stuff .. lol

but hey, i wont deny the fact that girls r not in the good side either.. I got a call once from this girl and i told her that it's a wrong number, she hung up and sent me a msg saying that i have an amazing voice and that she can't forget it . and wishes to b my friend. so ya pyschos r everywhere and in every gender.

On the other hand, i have met some great men wallah. from ALL AGES.. teens to late 40s. Very gentle, respectful and mature.. "am trying to b fair to men here" lol

His Sweetheart said...

peace and serenity
Shosha! They are crazed as I said!!

Girl, I am gonna miss our every sec text messages :(

His Sweetheart said...

Seee!! They're everywhere!

His Sweetheart said...

Yet to come then lol

His Sweetheart said...

You nailed it girl!!! and yes I divorced wordpress ;D

His Sweetheart said...

And they will never change!!

His Sweetheart said...

The lesbianism will take me forever to talk about!!

Faisal F. said...

You have to check out this one comment i got!

His Sweetheart said...

Check out my reply on her!

Faisal F. said...

I didn't have the heart to reply the way i intended to after reading something in her blog. But, thank you :)

Candy said...

LOL & wanasah :DD

Euphoria said...

Facebook messages.. all the time!

Mina said...

Oh how very disgusting...

Anyways your story should be a movie haha!!!

Vixen said...

lool happens to the best of us

you can give that Palestinian dude my number tho ; p

His Sweetheart said...

Faisal. F
I had it

Are you sober?

Oh yeah!

Wanna be my director ;D?

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. My pleasure sweetie. He is all yours lol