Monday, 30 March 2009


I am saying this for the last time! YES the last time!

I am not Heyam

I am not Hanan

I am not Hanaa
I know you will continue calling me from whatever mobile
your finger hands on with a new name calling me with every bloody name that starts with "H" you idiot!

My name has even no "H" in it! YOU HEAR ME!

And please enough of your stupid-old-rotten-old-fashioned excuses that you were dialing a number and abra kadabra it turned out to be my number!

Do me a favor, gelt lost, bang your head on the nearest wall next to you, smash your fist on your mirror, poke your eyes with your fingers, drink your bloody blood,stab your killed heart with a knife, cut your tongue with a razor and take a shower for God's sake because I swear I could tell you STINK!


Anonymous said...

Easy lady easy...Breath, one two three, breath again...Cool...Aww Susu WTF is going on? Who's that idiot who disturb you? Next time if he ever call, tell him fuck off or I'm married!

Anonymous said...

Plus sweetie, I love that picture with the middle finger pointing LOOOL! It's cute and expressive!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ take a shower.
Meeee toooo dayman a7ss they smell lol.

His Sweetheart said...

LOL I am not angry but such mentality puts me into a series of continues shocks lol

LOOOOOOOOOL I swear I could smell it lol

Bliss said...

someone's pmsing ... lol

Nefertiti said...

you're cute and hillarious..

Anonymous said...

you are awesome :D

Stand-Alone~ said...

LOOOL!! if he could only do that!! loool

love the layout!!

His Sweetheart said...

I have been waiting for it how did you know LOOOOOOOOL

LOL Thank you sweet thing :)

His Sweetheart said...

I know hehehehe

Stand alone
hehehe I dare him lol

Maqsood Qureshi said...

What's your number eh? ;-) LOL

You're giving him 'feedback'. That's exactly what he wants you to do! Reprimand him: either don't Blog about him or lodge police complaint.

Maqsood Qureshi said...

Unsolicited ANYTHING: Rule #1 -- Don't give him 'feedback' -- Don't make an 'antihero' out of him.

Fadiosis said...

wallahi i LOVE ur posts... they're extremely معبرين

sometimes u just wanna torture them til they beg for death, don't u ??
and as for the mentality...
e7m e7m... i don't think we'll even get rid of it @__@

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a bloody angry post.. LOL, If he deserves all what you said, then he really really really STINK! :D

His Sweetheart said...

I am sure he has no freaking idea what a blog is!

LOOOOOOL Thanks hun

He does, he does, he does lol

Mina said...

Lol this is too funny...sorry to laugh hun but im glad you told the bum whats up!