Saturday, 21 March 2009

Should I laugh or get disgusted!! You tell me!

Who doesn't know the most beautiful girl on earth ever "Suri Cruise" ?

Oh, that was an easy thing to be written but what I am speechless to write is the below!
Read it yourself please!

Did you feel what I felt?


Majda said...

That's kinda... Really gross.

Mina said...

Lol susu, girl you are crazy, but who ever wrote that must be a lil absent in the mind...

Omg is that a replica of her shit???

ewww gross gross, these people need help!!!

His Sweetheart said...

Oh yeaaaaaah!

Glad you're laughing babes ;)
Don't we love being crazy sometimes lol?

DeSeRt RoSe said...


Are these people obssesedly crazy?! EEEEEEEEEEEEW and totally gross!

Nur said...

I did both..
I laughed and I felt kind of disgusted
but hey she is tom's daughter
we can expect everything :D

His Sweetheart said...

Desert Rose
Only gross my dear? lol

Definitely! Her dad is the sexiest awww lol

Mina said...

We sure do lol!!!

Another-Penelope said...

suri cruise, is she daughter of tom cruise?
now that's sick !!!!

asoom said...

wow thats huge for a first!

His Sweetheart said...


I thought so too lol

Anonymous said...

How gross!!!!!!!!!!! But everyone knows that Tom is crazy so this really doesn't surprise me that much. Did they bottle her first baby fart, too? Please..

Abdullah said...

wawooo !! sexy ! ;P

J o u J a™ said...

super ewwwww

Stand-Alone~ said...


people are MAAAD!! this is beyond discusting!!!!

Maryam said...

She is not even HALF my age and her poop is worth more than my life!

Wow, that's sad : (

Anonymous said...

LOL that is gross =P, gosh see how f***ed up these people are!

Anonymous said...

O_o? No comments.

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

LOL I don't find it gross. Just cute maybe. :P

His Sweetheart said...

I love you girl!


libero anima said...

WTF !!!!
is that for reaaaal ?!!!!
omg omg omg !! w in gold ! malat 3alaihum !! people keepa record of first steps ! w hayaileh first pooop !!! groooooooooos !!!!

Karamilah said...

wayed sa5afah w malah ma3na, so so what her fist poop, wallah, w il6amah ina it is from gold

Euphoria said...


Anonymous said...

are they, like, serious? :-O

Bassem said...

Hey just to explain it to everyone, this is "art" according to its creator !

This is not her actual poop lol the "artist" created this piece and put it on sale as a way to emphasize the celebrity craze the world is having trying to show that something as disgusting and insignificant as tom cruise's daughter can spark much attention and that there will be ppl willing to pay for it :)

His Sweetheart said...

libero anima

ya 7ebby lek 3asabty lol

ewwwing with you lol

I donno lol

I honestly felt that there was something fishing about it especially the size of it lol

That artist knew it well!

Anonymous said...

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