Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sorry for the Disturbance

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody, I have truly missed you!

I have been doing fine the last couple of days :). I have been thankful and grateful to God for all the blissings I have been awarded. I am really blessed :)

Afew days a go, I went to Bahrain for a change. When I went to the movies, I was shocked with the stupid movies they are showing "My Mom's Boyfriend", "The Tattoist", and many rotten movies that I watched a year ago maybe!

My sister suggested the Egyptian movie "Sorry for the Disturbance" stared by Ahmed Helmi and Mennah Shalabi. I haven't ever watched an Egyptian movie in the the movies but accepted watching it reluctantly since we were out of options.

However, the movie turned out to be GREEEEEEEEEEEAT!!
The plost is amazing, the characters as well. I really didn't believe it!

I don't wanna ruin it, but trust me it is totally different form the sterotyped movies you have heard of.

P.S. Hopefully, great events will take place in my life. I don't wanna rush and tell you what is it. Let's just wait :)


Majda said...

My Arabic is horrible but I've seen Ahmed Helmi with some subtitles and a friend explaining things and he's funny.

His Sweetheart said...

He is sweetheart :)

Anonymous said...

this is a very cheerful post of your and shows you are in a good mood :)

I didn't watch the movie yet, but I will give it a shot.. I think its time to take my parents to movies-day-out :)

youcompleteme said...

tawa yanziL in bahrain? I saw it bil kuwait few monthes ago! ;/ ghareeba ..

however , it's a great funny Movie .. and ahmed helmi just so adorable ;p

Nemo said...

i saw the movie couple of months ago .. it was funny :) and welcome back :)

Another-Penelope said...

I don't really watch modern egyptian movies but why try ^_^ ,thanks girl

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome :D

We missed you :*

Anonymous said...

welcome back;*
I totally agree with you, the movie is great i saw it .. yeah fe cham funny scene but its not comedy its drama right !!

His Sweetheart said...

Thank you Mr. Single lol. Yes, they will love it!

No, it has been there long time ago but still requested

His Sweetheart said...

Thanks sugar ;)


Emwah, missed ya more

His Sweetheart said...


Thanks sweet thing

vagueraz said...


This is my 1st visit to ur blog and it seems nice :)
I watched the movie , it's different than Ahmad helme's movie's like [Ma6ab Sena3i] ..[keda reda] ... but its great with a different and real story , i liked it :) ...

eshda3wa said...

my aunts were just talking about how much they like a7mad hilmi movies

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Hi :)

I was just passing by to tell you that you have an award waiting for you here :)

Please come and pick it up ;)