Sunday, 19 April 2009

In Love

I don't recall falling for actors or singers except Bryan Adams but this guy is jaw dropping!
Michael Cassidy, will you marry me lol?


Saudi Dawn said...

LOL! where is he seen?

Maqsood Qureshi said...

:( SULK!

Mina said...

What show is he from lol?

Hind ♥ said...

Oh no!
Please don't be serious :(
He's a dork! He got on my nerves when I used to watch Privileged. He's like a high school guy!

lol sorry normally I'd smile and nod and pretend to be supportive but I can't now!

His Sweetheart said...

Saudi Dawn
The O.C, Hidden Palms and PRivileged

Jealousy, jealousy :d

The O.C, Hidden Palms and PRivileged

You ain't serious!! That role killed me!! I wish that one day a guy would stand up and tells me that he has been in love with me since ages just like him!!

asoom said...

At first sight I thought it was Prince William.

libero anima said...

hmm i never noticed him before =p

His Sweetheart said...

He is my prince charming :D

His Sweetheart said...

libero anima
That's what's making him special "MY OWN GUY" :D

ZeZe said...

Awww! Sweet!!

Stand-Alone~ said...

nope.. too blonde for me..
plus a7iso not man enough..

Maqsood Qureshi said...


Maqsood Qureshi said...

Ogle: Someone like Robert Redford or Anthony Hopkins. Not this kiddy!

eshda3wa said...


im sure hed love to

Another-Penelope said...

he's fine fly :P

Euphoria said...

Not a good looking guy at all! sorry! :S

His Sweetheart said...


Stand a lone
A great man for me :D

uha uha uha

afaaa 3alaik :D

another penelope

That's what makes him unique to me! He won't be stolen by girls hehehe

Naseem said...
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emoshi said...

loooooool fell in love with him for a month then dumped him hahahaha Loved him in the O.C hated him in hidden plams Gosh what was I thinking!!!!