Monday, 8 June 2009

I salute you!

One of the becoming popular scenes in The Eastern Province-Saudi Arabia, specifically in the Green Belt Neighborhood is the scene of ladies driving bicycles.

What encouraged those ladies is the fact that bicycles are safe and cheap means of transportation which never opposes to the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia.

Those ladies use it to go from one place to another inside the neighborhood itself which includes sometimes going to their work.

One of the bikes drivers stated that she started to save between 300-800 SR and that she no longer stays late for hours waiting for her husband to pick her up.

"I have never seen a Saudi girl using bicycles but I am sure they will soon especially inside neighborhoods and while going to school" another lady stated.

All what I can say is "I salute you ladies"!! I have always wanted to learn riding bikes but it seems I will finally do it :)


Candy said...

good u changed ur avatar ^^"
yaaay! i wanna imagine how would i ride a bike in ma neighborhoods annnd how everyone will give me the most scornful and freakiest eyes ever =D
not 2 mention arfa3 3abaytee ba3ad so it won't stuck to the bike wheels =p

Faith said...

Haha that picture made me smile :D

How sweet <3

Cate said...

Aww finally!! LOOOL, people always find the other way round to solve the transportation thingy! That woman look really happy in her bike!! Susu lets try!

Stand-Alone~ said...

aww i miss riding a bike =(
now i wanna ride a bike =(

9ara7a 3ajabooni.. well done!!
always find a solution.. and this is a creative one.. i salute them too!!!

Hning said...

If I can do this in Saudi, then I definitely CAN move back there because that's one of the reasons I keep using as an excuse to my folks every time the tell me to go back: That I can't sprint 50km/hr on wheels. Ordering my tricycle NOW!

ellen557 said...

Awwww! :D:D Tell me which area this is, I will definitely put it on my "Tell husband that I will be fine with living there" list. So far I've got this place (wherever it is) and Khobar. Hmm!

Puça said...

Bikes are great, I hope you all can make it because it does not only give a (limited)freedom of movement...but also make legs really toned!

Mina said...

Well done ladies...i mean it is the 21st centurey and ppl are moving foward, oh i wanna learn too lol i forgot how to ride a bike i used to as a kid but that was a very very very long time ago lol, lil sis still rides her bike around the neighbourhood!

Nani_37 said...

That's smart, simple, and truly AMAZING !!

It's really great to see changes taking place on so many levels here :) ..

Did you know about the first premier of "Mnahi" in Riyadh ,, I love how things are evolving, regardless of the pace. Makes you feel there is hope indeed.

Bliss said...

This is amazing!!! =D
lol i'm actually smiling right now..
wouldn't it be cool to go out and do some errands while riding a bike?! makes everything alot easier!
awesome news :)

nosa said...

thats actully cool..

i must say i thank god a million times that we can drive i bahrain! i would die without a car!

i didnt have my car for like 10 days coz it was in the service n needed to change something.. i wanted to DIE!!!

but in ksa.. local laides in bikes.. i dont know. dosnt really sound appealing to me.. or in bahrain even.. but if its not the gulf counties that we're talking about i think its very possible n fun!

Errant said...

haha .. brilliant ! i'm getting me one .. n i'll start it here in al 7ejaz .. haha ..

Seuss said...

Thanks for sharing that piece of info.. I had no idea. I don't think I've ever thought of how cool and convenient it would be for us Saudi women to ride bikes in Saudi. The only socially awkward and challenging thing I've ever attempted was jogging in my 3abayah with my friend lol.

precognitive said...

In a world where men needed a license to ride a bicycle fifty years ago, and of course only kids ride bikes now. Let us not forget that they might run after you, no scrap that... no one is running, but they might follow you in a car... with exposed legs you would be (according to them) asking for it.

But someone has to start it, good luck

His Sweetheart said...

I needed to smile a bit so I changed my avatar. And heyy, put buttons in your abaya :)

You saw how happy she was?

Yahooo, sure thing sweetie :D

Stand alone
Get back to it :)

hahaha@ your tricycle lol

Khobar my dear :)

Best excercize ever!

It's great progress for Saudi!

I heard of the opening and read about what the lousy portestors have done as well! ERG!

Suuuuuuuuuuuure :)

Yeah I know!

Take pics and write us a report about it :D

Oh, I jogged a lot with my abaya, thanks to the buttons for making it easier and you're always welcome sweetie :)

Hoe about picturing it with long pants :D? And those who would start such a mission would give a damn about dirty minds owners :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly women riding bicycles is against the law in Saudi Arabia, they treat it as the same as driving a car!

Maqsood Qureshi said...

Start with a tricycle! LOL

Mina said...

You've won an award