Sunday, 28 June 2009


I am so happy I am still working out though it's not daily as before. But at least, I am a survivor doing it in such killing hot weather :P
The list of the people whom I see everyday is decreasing but there is this new weirdo that I have been seeing the last 4 weeks.
1st of all he is stupid. 2ndly he is stupid. 3rdly he is stupid!! I don't know from where to start even because whenever I want to describe him I see the word stupid written in bold in front of me!
Literally, this guy appears to be in love with me. Everyday he wears a different training suit to show off in front of me. He doesn't leave his car until he sees me going in the park which used to freak me out but not anymore. He showers in 3-4 different perfumes just to seduce me with his killing smell whenever he passes by me. I spend an hour and a half walking and still I could smell him from miles!
He keeps on giving me these "I love you looks" with a big smile on his face! He sits on the bench when I go to buy water just to observe me closely. Once he was on the phone which I know was a lie and when I passed he started saying his cell phone number thinking that I will go bonkers and take it down!! I put my music on the highest volume then and ignored him!
It's only this guy, there are others but this one doesn't give up at all!! To put an end for his stupidity, I started to take my 6 years old neice with me. She loves me the most and moreover enjoys my company. She is very serious about the working out that she prefers it over the swings over there. Bringing her with me made the guys think that I am married lol. So, that was chilling things down. But this guy never gives up!!
One day I was on the phone with one of my best friends and that's when I noticed that he was behind me listening to my phone call all the time. By the way, the phone call lasted 30 minutes and it was about her bf and I was playing the role of Dr.Love as she always calls me. How did I know that you're wondering?! Well, one of the guys passed by me and started addressing the stupid guy saying "Are you O.K?, you have been walking slowly for two rounds now". That was a hint to me so I turned around and gave him the angry cat look! I really wanted to scratch his face with my nails!
I stopped walking for a week because of the visitors who come home for my sister and her baby girl. Yesterday I went there and guess what!! He entered the park just when he saw me!!! He gave me one of his widest smiles which really made me disgusted. I put my earphones on and started walking. After 3 rounds, he was on the bench waiting for my majesty to come. I was walking and giving my neice a science class about light and shadow and she was all excited. That's when the idiot pointed at me saying "Why do you bring her everyday?!, she gets tired and she is too young."! I looked at my neice who was smiling and continued walking!
I know that was one of his ways trying to hit on me or something which merely added to his stupidity!!
Ididot, it has been a month!! Didn't you get the idea that I am not interested in you!! Didn't you understand that I would never fall for a stupid guy like you! I hate your guts! I hate your smell! And I hate your stupid sunglasses!!
P.S. Please die! :P


Rash. said...

You know why such guys never give up?
They think that one day you'll fall in their magic, charm and unbelievable hotness LOL , and what you show is just a pretention that you don't care about them. They think one day you'll lose control and will give in to them :)
It's easy to solve this. Change the place or the timing you work out if these guys make really a big noise for you.

HishMaj said...

Saudis at their best(not!).

Update us if he you dont see him because there is a 0.01 chance that he will read this.

Dreamer;* said...

I loved that post;p
bs I don't agree ena you should change your timing and place.. because
a) he's not worth it
b) he'll have a heart attck thinkiing that you might be dead
c) you probably go their in YOUR perfect timing and the time that perfectly suits you so malech sheghel fe

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

my dear sister
let me share some wise peace of knowledge with you
the dictionary definition of stupid =MEN
therefore continue ignoring him and give him some filthy looks and if hes reali desperate
beat him while ur at it :)

His Sweetheart said...

I am not changing timing nor places due to idiocy. I am a Virgo girl :D

Sorry to disappoint you but he is not Saudi :D

You're hilarious and I love you :D. He could have a heart attack I can imagine his face! If only you saw his face yesterday when he saw me!! He was in utter shock mixed with surprise and happiness lol

hahahahahha. You know should have our own blog and call it "Stuid Guys" :D :D :D

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lool@ stupid guys blog indeed we shd
OMG i spelt piece as peace i feel so stupid lol
omg sis after ur post
sum stupid OLD man was folowin me nd kept sayin"heloo beautiful" all de way home :S

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself..........

Naseem said...

if I was you... I will call the police and complain about him following you... they will take care of him

you will never know if this guy is mentally ill... and decide to do something stupid with you

I feel pathetic for those guys who follow the girls in parks and shopping malls...

Eternally Distracted said...

Next time he tries to make conversation tell him ''I don't know what you are taking to be so stupid, but it really works ...''

What a sad and sorry individual but also his infatuation is a little scary?

Eternally Distracted said...

Just remembered the reason I wanted to comment on your post - Duh, I got wrapped up in the stalker story!

Why did you change from wordpress to blogspot? I only started blogging three weeks ago and everyone tells me I should move to wordpress?

Majda said...

That's really creepy. Maybe you should confront him about it. Men are dense and don't get evil looks or sarcastic remarks. Sometimes you just gotta yell, "LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU STAND NO CHANCE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? STOP FOLLOWING ME!"

..::Amu::.. said...

boys are boys they will never change :)

Bliss said...

awwww 7ayatiii 7assait b mo3anaaatik *hug*
o aham shay mashallah 3aleki mostamerra tro7een to the park 7atta when he's around lol, ana i would be scared and wouldn't go a5af he kidnaps me and rape me :O

Standy said...

LOOL!!! aham shay not giving up!!!

This is so funny!!
he is such a looser!!!!!

and excuse me, there is no charm in changing your outfit everyday and wearing a zillion and one perfume all in one!!

uufff 7ado kareeeeh!!!

asoom said...

ewwww what a freak!

Puça said...

hahahahaha that's a man! They find themselves irresistible and so charming, so as he does not understand you've not noticed yet, he insists. He's either young or stupid.. after 2 days he should have got the message...

Maqsood Qureshi said...

Poor guy.

C said...

Some people are really that stupid and they just don't understand!! LOOOL @ the stupid guy!

nosa said...

wahahahaahaahaha !! this made me laugh though i know its not funny sorry :$

Rash said it all : "You know why such guys never give up?
They think that one day you'll fall in their magic, charm and unbelievable hotness LOL , and what you show is just a pretention that you don't care about them. They think one day you'll lose control and will give in to them :)"

n said exactly wt i came to comment n write :p

so good luck with that! try n change the place.. freaks like that wont vanish trust me!

His Sweetheart said...

Ok :)

It would be a fuss here in Saudi

Eternally Distracted

Wordpress is awesome! I miss it a lot but I was having difficulty signing in because everytime I do, I get a message saying that the webpage you requested is not available. Otherwise, it was great!

That would make him have a heart attack loool

His Sweetheart said...

Such a loser would never make me stop and by the way, ana 3n 3shr rjal :D

Yesterday he came with jeans :D


that's if he had mind my dear :P


Oh yeah!

I am not changing anything, I want him to suffer more and imagine more :)

rachel said...

I wonder, did he actually say "I LOVE YOU"? Well, I've walked the streets & men in cars scream "I Love You" easily. I get that even from a school bus kids.

Funny men sometimes are like kids. :D anyway don't say he's stupid. If he's really interested in you, I mean... do you attract stupidity? Be nice.

Girls may wanna think men only have eyes for them, but really there's loads of pretty girls out there. Its not like they don't scream "I Love You" at the next girl in sight.

His Sweetheart said...

You're hilarious loool. And yeah, I may have attracted him but I have for sure attracted many brilliant guys other than him hahahah

Another-Penelope said...

wtf now that is a turn off dude!!

His Sweetheart said...

He is just a jerk :P

Nader said...

I hate this kind of guys...
My advice in such situation is.. wait till it gets a bit crowded in the park.. then scream at his face, telling him to stop following you or else you'll report him to the police. Expose him in front of everybody... make him feel so small, and make youself strong and in control over the siutation... I know you can do this easily... and I'm sure that if you do it, he'll start thinking about leaving the whole country. :)