Tuesday, 2 June 2009


*Why do we watch elderly people standing and don't offer them a seat!?
*Why do drivers throw their dirt through their windows directly in the street instead of the trash cans?!
*Why do guys smoke in closed places?! Why do they smoke from the start!?
*Why is it a must to hear tiny kids saying the dirtiest words ever!?
*Why being called a "Dog" is a bad adjective?!
*Why is Nokia Tune the ringing tone used by 90% of the people!?
*Why do Saudis enjoy looking at boobs so much?!
*Why do people wage shops in sale like they haven't gotten any clothes before?!
*Why is it O.K for some mothers to change diapers for their child while everybody is watching?!
*Why is it that so many gifted people are hard to recognize or adobt in this country and they are only appreciated when they travel abroad and show their talents?!
*Why is it that a huge percentage of people who work for the government do nothing and earn everything!?
*Why is it that early elementary schools in Saudi Arabia are full of elderly teachers who can barely walk, talk and are always absent!? Why not replace with the young ladies staying at home lamenting their bad luck!?
*Why do people enjoy wearing sunglasses at night or inside the malls?
*Why do we suffer because of the economical crisis?! Why not solve it instead of making us live in agony!
Many many many whys in head! No answers I guess!!
Is it me or them or it!?!


Puça said...

hehe, good questions.

About Saudi's looking at boobs, I can't say anything as I only know 1, but I can tell yoy spanish men do the same, soo I guess is just a thing to do if you're a man.

Being called a dog should be a compliment instead of an insult. Dogs are wonderful creatures.

About government workers..I see it's also a worldwide thing...having a job granted for life, and whatever you do or do not do, you still have your salary and position greanted... is what it has..why should you do an extra effort apart the fact of being at your workplace?

Faith said...

Oh yeah the boob question is definitely a guy thing. They all do it, regardless if they are Saudi or not =P

nosa said...

hahahhaa LOL at the boob thing!

good questions though! n off course no1 can answer them!

Candy said...

i thought u didn't recognize that candy was was venus b4 =.=
LOOL men love boobs,not only saudies guys,Khaligi guys in general ..
even am a sony ericson fan <3
but i noticed that nokia ringtone is back baby!

Candy said...

and yaa whenever i look @ ur avatar it hurts me :S a pic of child crying change it <_<"

Stand-Alone~ said...

so many very good "why" you asked..
1. time changed hence morals changed hence behavours chnaged..
2. gifted poeple are never appricitaed in the arab countries.. always they prefer the ajnabi talent 3ala thier people.. mentaly wise, they dont believe that they can do it..
3. Not only suaudi men stares at boob, all men, but khaliji men to be more specific ma shayfeen 5air.. they have no modiration and the abuse what is given to them. that is why they over do it!
4. goverment peoeple, what can i say here.. the country gives and they take without giving back anything is return, and per law nothing can be done to them, hence we are always behind on many things coz no one wants to work..
5. i really dont get the sungalsses thing, i think it sucks big time..

Anonymous said...

Again about the booby thing...it is not just a Saudi thing ...everybody love boobs...personally "cough" I'm a booty man;)

Anonymous said...

mothers have boobs too
remember your firt boobs guys
don't near zina, amen

Anonymous said...

& what if, the day your wife has breats cancer? ladies, choose your husband wisefly. :)

ZeZe said...

(1) People became selfish and lack of morality
(2) This always happen even in Jeddah, LOOL, everyone aims for the trash bin in the middle of the street!
(3) Smoking helps to relax, I guess, as someone I knew claimed to be.
(4) Parents should teach their kids!
(5) I have no idea, maybe Arabic culture =P
(6) I'm using Nokia but I felt the tune is annoying. I have Breaking Benjamin song as my ring tone. Yea, I'm more annoying LOOOL =D
(7) Looking at boobs is a guy's thing, not only Saudis. Desperate and stupid I guess!
(8) LOOL maybe I was one of them bs I hate crowded place, so I guess if there is maddening crowds, I won't go in.
(9) Aww no idea! They should have use the special diapers section in the ladies!
(10) True! Gifted people should have given chances in their own country!
(11) Simply because they work for the "GOVERNMENT" *speechless*
(12) KSA government should revise what they lack of in the education, young teachers should have given chances, wallah I feel you sweetie. That's why most parents prefer to send their kids to international school even it cost fortune =(
(13) Simply because its KSA, LOOL @ some idiots with the sunglasses thingy!
(14) In order to solve the crisis, we have to begin from the root! The root is the government *Don't wanna talk about politic*

Above all that, the sad truth sweetie, because you are living in KSA bs believe me, everywhere is the same, I love KSA more than Malaysia, wallah! I feel it's safer and better.

aishwarya rai said...

everybody loves their own country
malaysians don't be sad

Flifla said...



Anonymous said...

saudis are saudis

His Sweetheart said...

Sad but true!

Seems so!

Thank you :)

It was never an old fashion thing!

Stand alone

anonymous 1

His Sweetheart said...

anonymous 2
I donno what brought up the zina talk but Amen :)

anonymous 3
Good input!

It is safer I admit but wrapped with 7685615 faults!

aishwarya rai
sorry but I didn't get the Malaysian part!?

Thank you munchkin! I visited your blod yesterday but couldn't understand a word :(. I wanna learn French :(

anonymous 4
hahahaha so true lol

Errant said...

that's so interesting .. thu i realized that the boobs thing is unquestionable .. hehe

Why is Nokia Tune the ringing tone used by 90% of the people!?

this question was interesting too .. and it' very true .. in fact I use it, and to answer why, it's because I'm a teacher .. and it feels more formal .. why do i think like that ? i'll post my mobile ringing story one day at my blog and u'll know why ..

other questions are utterly sad .. and depressing .. o allah ye3een

Hind ♥ said...

Why do Saudi women love to STARE? And even if you catch one staring at you, she doesn't turn her head or look down! La, she keeps on staring and staring :)
Argh. This one makes me mad! In addition to all what you mentioned 6b3an ;p

Have a laaafly weekend <3

Rash. said...

Mnay questions. Why can go to the endless
1-unmnnered ppl.
2-3-uncleniness and impoliteness.
4-Family and society effects.
5-cuz it's Dog!
6-I don't like it, and I don't know why ppl like it.
7-I would like to go describing this. It's universal thing , not for Saudis only. Saudis r only distinguished by their hungry attitudes in looking lol. As a Saudi male , I don't like to look at boobs , and it doesn't mean I don't like it, but I think I'm shy lol.
8-ppl show themselves, they never get enough!
9-I can talk to them to know why!
10-It's Arabic world……..
11-It's life being unfair sometimes.
12-retirement rules should be activated.
13-I think guys like this. They hide their eyes cuz they will enjoy staring at gals !!!,This is noticeable….
14-Things get tough, and it is not easy to get things back as easy as it would be thought of.
answers r not answers , all r opinions. Questioning is more difficult than answering ……

Another-Penelope said...

LoL and ok... mmm some questions are simply can be answered and about boobs LoL

aishwarya rai said...

if i say "i think malaysia is better than saudi & a lot safer". what do you think? :) kindly have a heart & think about other people. learn humility. learn than saudi too have their share of cases & issues. is it muslim to look down on other people. i have to ask & i am sorry.

perhaps a saudi can easily claim herself the perfet beauty, not in malaysia honestly. malaysians usually is shy to admit that. so maybe its a cultural thing that i take what you saudis say personally. i'm sorry. peace.

aishwarya rai said...

as a sister i want ur safety, & i am sorry if my country ever hurt you. ever even pinch you. honestly, reading what you guys say - i have to process my country is worse than saudi, & i'm sorry i just find it hard to embrace.

sorry. this is the last comment.

Nani_37 said...

I was thinking about saying : Why not ? :P lol

seriously now, i think that it's great that you're raising these questions .. it's the beginning of change.

I personally liked :

*Why being called a "Dog" is a bad adjective?!
*Why do people wage shops in sale like they haven't gotten any clothes before?!

And i have one more to add :

*Why did his sweetheart think i was a girl? i still can't get over that LOL

His Sweetheart said...

Give classical music a try :D

The staring thing is an issue that I should write a whole blog about! ERGGGH!


His Sweetheart said...

Still a dog is a loyal creature!

aishwarya rai
I donno if we are getting each other here or let's say you getting me. I talk about Saudi in specific because it's my country my dear. I have lived in it 26 years, all my life you can say! I know there are faults and crisis in other countries but I don't live there to experience it! Sweetie, I have never been to Malaysia, I just have a sweet friend who studies there, actually two. I have never been hurt by it or anything like that. I don't know from where you got that indication.

Be sure I am the most kindest girl ever, not praising myself but I know me for sure being peaceful :)

Please don't stop your comments, reading bloggers comments is always pleasure to me :)

His Sweetheart said...

Well, that issue of me thinking you're a girl still roams in my mind every time I read your posts lol. I guess the name "Nani" played the main role!OMG, I can't remember how many sweet words I used while addressing you! sweetie, love, munchkin, sugar, honey, sweetheart, babe etc etc etc!! And at the end BOM you're a guy!! :$

I swear I went to your blog several times just to check your gender and everytime I go on saying be a girl, be a girl, be a girl lol

Anonymous said...

yes that's true. why saudi women stares at people? i was in this mall and a saudi female was staring at me while she walked and she caught her legs to something and she almost fell off.

I would really like to laugh but I thought it would be impolite. So I stayed cool and it really hurt my stomach.

eshda3wa said...

lana fee nass qaleelat adab

Nani_37 said...

LOOL .. that's hilarious. I kinda suspected it, but then just thought you were just being extremely nice .. HEY !! just because i'm guy doesn't mean you don't have to be nice to me :p LOL