Friday, 27 February 2009

A decision was made

Tomorrow, I am submitting my resignation. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I have no interest in going back or changing my mind whatsoever.
I wanna be the old cheerful me. I wanna get back in touch with my friends like before. I have been lately withdrwan from all the people I love for one reason only which is me being depressed all the time. I am a very frank person but when it comes to work I have this closed mouth. I didn't wanna call my friends and start whining and complaining that's away I clicked the pause button in my life.
I was fearing mom's response because I am her pride and joy. I tried my best not to cry when telling her about my decision but I couldn't. She supported me and told me that God will give me a better job, a job that appreciates me and a very organized one too.
I know I gave up my attitude of not resigning before finding another job but what I have seen made me change my mind. I hate hypocrisy, lies, and conspiracies and all that happen before me every day. I even fear checking my email because a new problem might arise which will put me into a deeper phase of depression more than the one I am already having.
I will be working with them during my month notice which will start tomorrow and meanwhile continue my job searching. I don't care about how much salary I might get. I am just looking for an organized place that appreciates me.
I am not sad. I am relaxed and content like I have never been. I am positive that I will get a better job soon :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Smiling again

I apologize for being away, inactive, and kind of withdrawn. I have been haunted with the idea of the possibility of losing another dear relative of mine.

I still mention my uncle's name and talk about him using the present tense. I even go to open the door for him whenever we make a BBQ since it's his favorite. Afew days ago, I was searching for a phone number in my contact list when I found his number. I didn't know what to do, was I supposed to erase it or what?!. The idea of calling him occurred to me also and was one tick away from doing it. I didn't..

I was talking to my friend today when I told her that my uncle is coming to pick me up when she gave me a startled look. I was shaking and almost collapsed in my place when I noticed what I was saying.

I was going to leave work an hour earlier because my sisters and I prepared lunch and sweets and decided to have lunch at my uncle's. My driver called saying that his cousin fell dead infront of him and that the police are investigating the incident now.

I really didn't know what to do, I can't bear death news and recently all what I hear is people dying or people sick of cancer!

Before I left work, I heard news that kind of cheered me up. Part of what I was praying for came true after long months of bloody fights and suffering, work wise ofcourse. I am not that optimistic about it though. I don't wanna build some dreams that might fall a part before me.

However, I am kind of smiling again.

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Yes is the new NO. Yes is the new era! Yes is your means through the dark tunnel!!

I finally watched Yes Man in the theater yesterday during my trip to Bahrain. I ran out of air while watching it. I kept on laughing out loud like crazy. The Chinese lady next me made me crack up in a hilarious way though the hall was full of guys. I didn't ever imagine myself to laugh over bing bang scenes but with that lady next to me, everything became O.K LOL. I wanna grow old with the love of my life just like the way she is with her hubby, full of passion though at their 50s.

I really needed an escape, needed billion doses of laughter and GOT THEM!! I have been feeling shitty and gloomy for a while now and I was thirsty for such a movie.

P.S. This movie is a must see people! At a theater not home. Please remember whenever the scene of the Korean girl comes up hehehehehehehe ;D

Monday, 16 February 2009

Guys, Guys, Guys!!

What's up with guys these days!!?

Are they sick?!

Are they crazed?!

Is it something in the air?!

It's what for god's sake?!

Out of the blue, I recieved a weird message on my facebook account. Have a look at it please.

I would love to get to know you and meet you. would you please leave me your number so we can talk?! I am 36 years old, British nationality, Palestinian origin and based in London. I go to Jordan sometimes for a visit.

Hope to hear from you soon Susu


Hold on, did he just call me Susu??! Please tell me it was my wild imagination only!! I haven't ever heard of nor seen this guy ever in my life to call me Susu so bluntly. What was he thinking about when he sent me that message?! Was he expecting me to fall for him and send him my number!! ME hehehe, you stupid, you don't know who you sent a message to!!

Of course, he was trashed!

Now, there is another story. Shosha listen to it because I didn't tell you about it. I swear I wanted to tell you but got carried away with all these things that happened lately and I just remembered it.

Once upon a time there was this guy who called me a few times, workwise of course. His calls were regarding someone who works with us, hired hy him. The guy is Saudi, a well respected guy as I found him to be. What's between us wasn't more than 4 calls which took less than 3 minutes each.

The story begins when I was sleeping in bed 3 months after he last called. It was 3 AM when I woke up to see a missed call with an sms from him. He hasn't ever sent nor called after my working hours, how about 3 AM in the morning!!. I freaked out when I saw his name and started reading the message which took away every bit of drowsiness in my eyes!

It was a love message, written in Arabic of course. In it he addressed me with every single love word that you may have heard of! He was talking to me as his future wife to be and that he is ready to give up his eyes for my sake!!

I put my mobile under my pillow in total shock and disbelief and tried to get back to bed. I slept and an hour later I woke up and checked it to see another missed call and a message from him. The message was no different from the 1st one but with additional love words too!!

I went to work, told my friend Noura about it. My conclusion was either he was drunk or he was drunk!! Noura said that my numbr might be a digit or two different from his girfriend. I wanted to believe her because I wanted to stop thinking of reasonable justifications. I asked for the lady he hired to come, showed her the number . She said he hasn't contacted her using this number which relieved me a bit thinking that his number might have been sold. I then showed her his messages and she wasn't shocked. She confirmed that this is his style in writing.

I thought the story ended here but 2 weeks ago, she told me that he left work and she was happy for it. When I asked why she said that he was a flirty guy who talked about so many girls. I felt that look in her eyes and asked "Was I included"?! She refused to say a word but I pushed her to confess. She said that he told her we were lovers, went out on dates blah blah blah. He said that he would sacrify his son for the sake of my black eyes which are brown by the way!! I was like HUH!! Is he even married?! It turned out that he is married with 4 kids, the eldest is a 10 years old boy!

She said that she hasn't believed him at all and that he was flirty with her as well that he asked her out bluntly so many times!! She added that he called her afew times when he was drunk!!

She thought I would be pissed off after hearing so but what I did was laughing out loud!! He is crazed you know!! He is sick, what can I do!! I didn't know I have had so many crazy fans I said!! She lauhged saying I don't blame them, you have this charm to attract everybody!!

P.S. To guys, wanna flirt, do it properly or just die lol

So, now, after reading all these, will you please answer the questions I stated 1st!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have been waiting impatiently for this movie to be released online. Thanks to axxo, I was able to download it. I watched it today wth the presence of all my senses. The movie was longer than what I expected. It was 2:20 mins but it was worth it. If it was 4 hrs, I would have watched it too!!

To start with, I have always hated Angelina Jolie beecause of the fuss people have made about her bounty lips. I don't ever recall watching a good movie for her. Add to that the fact that she has stolen Brad Pitt from Jenifer Aniston which was really unbelievable.

The movie reached my expecations if not more. It's the 2nd movie after "The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas" that I find to be merely awesome. It's based on a true story and deserves to be given plenty of award.

Two words: "Watch it"!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Lost for words!

I leave it for you,,

So, are you going to finish strong?!

Saturday, 7 February 2009


I have been tagged by the sweetest thing "Desert Rose"

The rules for this tag are :
1) Find your fifth photo file folder, then the fifth photo in that file folder.

2) Post the picture on your blog.

3) Tag five other bloggers to do the same ;D

Sooo, the 5th pic is :Ummm, oh I haven't checked yet, hold on

Here we go ;D

That's my sweetest niece "Jana", just turned 6 as she keeps on saying and me turning 12 as she says lol. I can't imagine me being 12 lol.

To be tagged are:

Gone Bonkers

Friday, 6 February 2009

Care for one?!

If you're wondering whether it's real or not. Here is the truth, it's true and it's Samsung latest

ear phones ;D

I want the 1st guy, Elvis would make me deaf and I am not into Opera singing;D
P.S. Sorry I am not being me lately due to... I am just posting drafts, my mind is blocked for the time being. Forgive me all :(

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Books Hunting

I went to Jarir last Thursday with my heart jumping on the clouds. I had a list of highly recommended books that I was dying to read. I went to the customer service. The guy in charge was on the phone. I had to wait for 15 minutes till he finished. I handed him the list of the books I needed to buy and told him I will have a look at the book shelves and get back to him.

I was looking for this
and this

and this

and this

and this

and this

I wish you had seen the look on my face when said none is available!! I wanted to jupm on his table and literally suffocate him!! I was really angry as how uncivilized we Saudis are not to have books that are available at other countries!! I went to the book shelves and grabbed some books. I haven't hear or had someone recommend them but what can I do, I was hungry for a good read!!

I bought this

and this
and this

I will be searching for these books in Bahrain, hoping to find them . I have started reading "A Bend in the Road" and I can't put down!

P.S. If you have read any of the books I bought and didn't like, please don't tell me. I get affected easily by people's opinions loool

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Death...took him away, they say so!

When people lose their fathers due to death, they lose them once for there is no returning back. I lost my dad 3 years ago and last Friday, I lost him for the 2nd time. I lost my uncle due to a sudden heart attack. The only person who remained to my family and I after my dad. I couldn't believe I would live after my dad but my uncle was my back, my shoulder to cry on, and the hand that weeps my tears!!

They say he died but.. I don't believe them!!

"Who say, when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return"
The Cow, 156