Monday, 27 April 2009

No freaking way!!

Did you see what I saw?! Jenny Humphrey, the tiny weeny girl from Gossip Girl or the metal woman LOL!?!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Is sexually abused!

Imagine one of your best friends calling you to tell you that she is holding her best news ever!
What do you think her best news would be?!
Since I know A very well, I had many things in mind.
1. She will finally be engaged to the guy she chose not her parents.
2. She got the job she has been dreaming of.
3. Her brother came back from abroad.
4. Her weight became what she desired it to be.
5. No more back aches since her devastating fall.
So many things were roaming in my mind. I was begging her to shoot it out until she did!! I wasn't shocked when she told me about it but didn't expect that! Her best news was that she has done the Virginity Test and she turned out to be Virgin!!
I was lost for words, really speechless but then I started screaming like crazy which made my driver stop in the middle of the way because he freaked out thinking something happened to me!!
I know this option might have never occured to you and is quiet shocking but that's the turth!! A was sexually abused by two of her male relatives when she was a child, her brother and uncle!! That happened repeatedly from her uncle more than her teenaged brother! What she rememberes vividly is her uncle asking her not to wear pants when he is around! Why!! I leave it for you to do the imagination concerning a 8 years old girl with a 25 years old man who is supposingly an uncle to her!!
P.S. Part 2 is coming soon when I feel like writing about it because I really wanna do it!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

In Love

I don't recall falling for actors or singers except Bryan Adams but this guy is jaw dropping!
Michael Cassidy, will you marry me lol?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

That's none of your business!!

I really hate it when my family members go blabbing behind my back that I lost my job by myself and that I might not get a job due to the financial crisis we live in !!
They all know that I am crazy about work. I even started working before I graduated from college! I have always volunteered to work for unpaid extra hours and weekends just because I am a hard working girl!
Am I supposed to gather them up and tell them that I left because I was living under the leadership of a manager who thinks with his penis!! How can a girl say that to her family!?
And my sister, if you know that I get upset when you tell me about all these stuff happening behind my back, PLEASE stop!! I can't tell you when you're 8 years older than me and is the most sensitive girl on earth to stop telling me about all the she said and he said stuff! It's my life and my career.
Please understand that I have my own reasons for quitting! I didn't ask for anybody's opinion when I decided to quit so please understand that such things don't matter to me!! I lead my life by myelf! Just leave me a lone please!

Monday, 13 April 2009

They sucked BIG time

A very stupid movie! I watched the 1st quarter only and would have hated myself if I continued! Gays movie is my last interest!

Plot, was supposed to be good but ended up being a stupid one. Characters, Kate being very old and stinky! A porn movie which is I don't know how to describe it! Let me try, pointless, rude, idiot, and any other words one could find under the word "retard"!! I literaly wasted 2 hours watching it. Had to continue it till the end to see if it will have a good ending but it SUCKED!
My advise, don't watch any of these! I really don't know why they won prizes and why people loved them!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


This scene hurts me the most! It puts me into tears and I can't help it! I miss him!

Monday, 6 April 2009


I had a job interview in Wednesday at the most amazing place in the world! Getting the job would be literally my dream coming true! I am waiting for their answer!

I hate waiting! I really suck at waiting!
Oh God, help me out!