Thursday, 7 May 2009


What do you think of it?! I really loved the style but couldn't find it! Anybody knows where can I find these?


Bliss said...

ooh sexy! they're so stylish!!
if i ever find any of them, i'll let you know :)

Alive enough to be here said...

I like these frames, although they make your face as it's a childish one!. Anyway, I wear one which has a thick black frame, and I wear it in a time I'm doing sports. Sure, it's different from these in the pics:) . The frame's so strong and safe especially in playing football. I remembered once I was playing football and the ball hit me on the face. I thought my nose was broken in that time. Ironically enough, the glasses went safe without even scratches. They're reliable lol.
If you want to find these in the pics, I think printing them and showing it to opticians if they can provide it to you. Once you're so willful to get it, order it online :)...

Majda said...

I love them but my face is too round. I'd look like an idiot.I love the white ones. :(

Another-Penelope said...

they're cute, wait till u might find at clairs something, they're good for taking shots:P

Flifla said...

ohhhhhhhhh sister find a traveller machine time go back to the sixties and buy them there!!lol no I think it is easy to find in vintage shop really nice all people are going back to basic

exemple given when i was about twelve thirteen my mum bought me gladiator shoes very awesome one and now more than twelve years after gladiator shoes are fashion so girls keep all ur old stuff it is vintage
take care

Puça said...

I have not seen them here. If I ever find them, shal tell you!

ZeZe said...

The frames look really cute =) They have it here in Malaysia. Wish I could send you one bs I don't know anyone who will go back KSA this holiday =(

Flifla said...

fedex it!

His Sweetheart said...

I knew you would love it :D

Alive enough to be here
I have a baby face already :D

They suit round faces :D

Clairs is accessories only! I need a real one lol

YES and that is what makes me more attractive to be bought lol

emwah, thanks

I wanna go there :(

emoshi said...

they would look amazing for a photo-shoot ;) try hot topic online or claires , i think i saw one just like that once looooool