Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Working Out

To kill time and most importantly to lose some weight, I have started to walk for an hour everyday at a park near my house.

The 1st day was killing because my foot got wounded because I was wearing a half shoe lol

The 2nd day was tiring because I wore my sister's shoe which is 1 size smaller than mine so you can imagine my swollen tiny toes lol

The 3rd was good because I finally bought a good shoe, Nike of course and it's awesome :D

In the 4th day, I started to get bored while walking. When I reached home I was like "Why don't you take your Ipod stupid" lol. I literally forgot it because it has been ditched :D

The 5th day was yesterday which was marvelous :D. Well, walking with Craig David singing in your ear is the best!! Tell me why?!

1st of all I don't get to hear those stupid guys commenting or staring at my boobs and murmuring!

2ndly, time passes quickly with music shuffling you know!

I pass by different types of guys especially the weird type. There are those guys I wait to see everyday so that I can laugh :D

One is the guy walking with his thobe and shmag! He makes me laugh because he wants to excercise but at the same time maintain being elegant lol>>>typical Saudi

Another is the old guy who keeps in showing off when I pass by him.

Another one is the guy who keeps on avoiding looking at my face as if I am that great deal of seduction lol! I wish I can take a picture of his face and show you that expression lool

Another is the guy who also wears thobe and shmag but has this marching walk I have never seen in my life! He marches in a way that makes me feel he is running to hug me especially with that big smile on his face hehe! I swear I can see him now lol

The last guy is this VERY handsome fellow with mesmerizing eyes! Awww. Just seeing him run with his hair dancing with the air is enough for me!

We always meet at the beginning and ending line of every route. His outfit is stripes of black and blue. I know it resembles a team but I am not into soccer so I don't know what is it lol. So, he tries his best not to look at me but his eyes fail him when I come closer lol. I love that feeling. The only thing I hate about him is that he doesn't have a beard nor a mustache! I wish he can have saksoka because it would look great on him :D

Oh forgot to mention the weird group of girls who excercise with their jeans :SSSS. Not any jeans but very long ones that cleans the way for everybody else lol! I wonder if they know that such pants are not to be worn while working out!?!
P.S. I haven't been active in writing nor commenting! I really donno why! Sorry


asoom said...

It's always great to get physical activity in your days. If you start getting bored with the same routine shake it up and try different things.

I can never go to the gym without my ipod...the couple of times that I realize I don't have it with me I have to turn the car around and go back to get it so I can identify.

asoom said...

Oh yea...and Of course having that "eye candy" can serve as some great motivation!

Bliss said...

hmmm interesting people you get to exercise with ;)
i really don't get guys who work out while wearing their n3als :/ don't they get their feet swollen after that!?
nas 3ajeeba

Another-Penelope said...

HAHAHAHA u made me laugh about those type of guys:P oh have a nice day sweety and keep doing exercise ^_^

Flifla said...

as salam aleykoum

my God that park seems to be a great strange guys meeting place!!

u made me laught cause on one hand u hate those guys who stare at ur boobs and on the other hand u hate that other guy coz he keeps avoiding to see ur face

what do u want exactly ????!!! lol me i know what i want ---> fall in love

but insha allah not in the park coz i am just tooooooooooo ugly and unattractive when i walk
why ??? because i am wearing horribles joggings and i practise athletic walk so i look very very akward and strange almost a freak show
u know i wanna visit central park in new york and have a walk there with him in autumn isn't a such a beautyful place to fall in love ?

ps what 's a saksoka ?

take care

Stand-Alone~ said...

LOOOL!! omg 7arakaat i swear,,, i wish if you could vedio tape them all.. and the girls needs a serouse clothes change!!

glad you started to do something healthy =D

Alive enough to be here said...

U made me laugh Wallah
1-it's good u r starting walking.
2-u r a good observer lol . I doubt if u really put in mind walking when u went to this
3- 1 year ago, I remember that I used to walk everyday (not only walking, it's also jogging) in a very quiet sidewalk in my district. Ur post made me recalling the whole thing. Almost everyday in that sidewalk I used to meet a girl, and I never put an eye on her :)
4- I keep wondering: Did that girl have a blog in that time, and did she mention me? How did she describe me? I'd already got a goatee LOL.

I enjoyed reading this
Keep exercising

His Sweetheart said...

Good advice :D

Ditto that!

Let's hope so lol

We all think we look ugly while walking but that''s not guys think about :D. Saksoka is when the mustache and the beard are connected together to form a circle lol

His Sweetheart said...
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His Sweetheart said...

Stand alone
Well, there is this guy I don't wanna talk about lol because he makes me feel this way @-@
And I really wish I can take pics of them especially the marching guy hehehe

Alive enough to be here
I am funny, they always say this :D
And HELL NO I don't go there for other reasons lol. Trust me I don't need that :D

Oh, that girl must have felt the same things I felt loool

Puça said...

hahaah really fine exercise's diary, and great catalog!

Good you exercise, at the beginning is hard, even with good shoes, but when you get used, you won't stop!

Qusay said...

I hope you find it in yourself to keep on walking as the heat of summer intensifies. And its also good to make a nice up tempo playlist so you don't have to shuffle through many songs.

ZeZe said...

Awww sweetie, if only I'm half like you! I'm officially the laziest person here. I will get back to your email when I'm done with my finals. Love you sweetie, mwah mwah mwah!

His Sweetheart said...

Please keep giving me pushes :D

Thank you for the great advice, never thought of it since my Ipod contains only country and Pop music! Thanks to you, I have Working Out folder now :D

Lazies together can be great assets:D

MMK080 said...

lol interesting post and even more interesting blog...