Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Till when Saudi Arabia!!

I was heading to Chillies yesterday to meet my best friend when I saw the huge clouds of smoke climbing the sky. I kept on following it until I saw the flames of fire and could locate the place as a chemical store near by. It was horrible!
Since it was near the rail-way station, we had to stop once in a while. During one of our stops I saw the fire fighters trucks heading to the other way. I was like WHAT!! Can't they see that the fire is in the left when they're going to the right!!
My driver was like "This fire started since the early afternoon, the aid just came and when they reached the fire, they discovered that their trunks were out of water so they went to the ocean in the other side to fill them with water"!!
How on earth could fire fighters come all the way to the fire location when there is no water in their trunks!! Is that what they call safety?!
P.S. I knew that they will write about it in the news paper today saying that no damages happened. All is OK and the fire was extiniguished in no time! I saw it in the newspaper but didn't have the heart to read rabbish!!
For God's sake Saudi Arabia! Wake up!!


Saudi Dawn said...


Stand-Alone~ said...

my god!!
i heard a similar story happened here in Oman a while ago..
I guess you are not alone

Bliss said...

why am i not surprised?
hmmmm....it keeps getting worse!

Puça said...

hahahahaah, excuse me for laughing, fire is a serious issue, but is that they do not think or plann before they act?? because being fast does not mean being efficient..as they have proved...

And if ocean was so close, why didn't they use the special-for-fire airplanes? Well, maybe because they don't have, ok, I don't say anything then.

Another-Penelope said...

wtf thats killing man !!!

precognitive said...

I am sure they were asking "how did we get here so fast?" then realized that the tanks were empty.

Alive enough to be here said...

Enjoy it ! It's Saudi Arabia :)

His Sweetheart said...

Saudi Dawn

Stand Alone
It's epidemic :D

It does but on hush hush I guess!

Laugh my dear :). You reminded me of the helicopter aids they said they started using two years ago which ironically no one have heard of :D

I am never surprised!


Alive enough to be here

eshda3wa said...

i really hope no one was hurt

the GCC as a whole really need to improve their skills when it comes to fire departments, paramedics, police