Thursday, 21 May 2009


TAG: Eights Meme

Asoom from The Diary Squel has tagged me. So, here I am doing whatever this tag asks me to do :D. Assom, emwah

8 Things I'm looking foward to

Getting my dream job! hope the waiting won't be any longer

Meeting my friends in Monday.

Becoming an aunt for the 9th time "mashalla".

Spending an entire day with T my sweetest sweet.

Attending A's engagement :D

Pursue my higher education if I got the chance.

Making my eyebrows thicker this time :D. They are already thick but I wanna more lol

. Reaching the perfect weight soon :)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

Open a new female department for the girls at KFUPM. If only I studied there, I would have changed Saudi :D

Sponsor an orphan.

Get a visa card with a never ending account :D

Oh, driving! Not that I would kill to driver but I am sure I will be way better than those hasty drivers out there!

. Read minds.

Speak 5 languages.

Travel a lone or with a friend

Lead the life I want.

8 Things I love

Choclate Ice Cream

My friends.

Pina Colada.




Set Coms

Chciken BBQ Fillet

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Went to Applebee's to celebrate my neice's graduation from KG who slept when the dinner was served. So, there was no party

Had an argument with my best friend and hated myself for it SO MUCH!

Did some cleaning

Oh, dried my hair! Has been ages since I did it since my hair is soft lol

Went to the park with my nephew who got tired in the 2nd round!

Watched a movie which turned to be gay movie :S

Watched British Got Talent and LOVED Aiden the dancer and that little girl who sang for Alicia Keys

Took some photos :D

8 Shows I Watch


Gossip Girl

Samantha Who

Lie To me


Shameless>> started but stopped

7 will be Fringe since it's waiting in my hard desk

8 will be Entourage since it's waiting too lol

8 bloggers I tag

Desert Rose

Gone Bonkers

Zee Zee


Stand Alone





asoom said...

Thanks! Well about the Visa-take it from me and learn from my mistakes. You definitely DON'T WANT ONE!!!!! It can easily turn into a vicious cycle of debt and overindulgence. I only use the ones that my mom gets the bill (store ones) and other than that it's only for emergency.

I also love Pina Coladas..(and getting caught in the rain).

Another-Penelope said...

wanasa tagging !!!

I love ur list, so VIP for some reason hehehe, oh 5 languages , what are they?
why not travelling alone:) it's an awesome feelig and new beginning of life ^_^

thanks for tagging me sweety:)

Nutter said...

glad to see i'm not forgotten!! thank you my dear i will do it enshaAllah ..... sponsoring an orphan has always been on my list ... Allah ya36eech 3ala gad niyetich :* .... i want pina colada now!!

missed you.....

Bliss said...

i would never want to travel alone, it would be so boring not to share the fun and excitement with someone. traveling with friends would be amazing!

thick eye brows are hot sometimes like brook shields and camilla belle =D HOTNESS!

thanks for the tag :)

Stand-Alone~ said...

mashallah!!! thankx for the tag sweety... i will do it soon..

Sponcering an orphan, that should be something i need to do..

Come to Oman, and i will teach you have to drive ;)

what is your dream job??!!

His Sweetheart said...


Pina Colada all the way :D

Welcome to Saudi Arabia :D

Missed ya more

It's because I wanna go study on my won :(

Stand Alone
Will tell you when it comes true :D

ZeZe said...

Awwww I'm one of the people tagged! Travel alone has always been my dream, Inshallah I wanna do it, I wanna back pack travel to Spain, wanna join? Bs you have to wait until I get my job and my salary first, LOOOL!