Wednesday, 15 July 2009


To whoever he/she who smokes out there,
Have you looked thorougly at these pictures?!

Ever thought of those you love! How would they react when they hear the news of your D.E.A.T.H !
Would their lives stay the same! Would it be a big S.T.O.P point in their lives! The lives that you destroyed by your own H.A.N.D.S!
No, don't tell me you were unconscious! You were fully A.W.A.R.E of what you were doing! Don't tell me it helped you R.E.L.A.X because I will answer saying B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T!

If you don't C.A.R.E about your life, hell with you! Just be considerate and think of those who L.O.V.E you!



Bliss said...

i think i'm going to start tearing..
i'm surrounded by people who smoke, they just don't listen.

Maqsood Qureshi said...


Rimyoleta said...

Love the pictures :S...Scary though

C said...

The smoke makes me dizzy

Candy said...

ehhh o inti el 9aja!
gotta show ths post le ba3th el nas <_<

monalisa said...

impressive photos...
what really annoys me about smoking is that the smokers harm the people around them more than they do to themselves.. how self-centered is that!!

Majda said...

I hate smoking. So so sooo much. Slow suicide. And it makes people stink. Yuck.

nosa said...

u know sometimes i would look at a man n ill be like mashalah he's full of rujola.. or like he's cute or something.. the second thing he does is grab a smoke..
he turns straight form top floor in my mind to trash!

i am very crule about this? yes i hate smoking n smokers.. well not hate smokers! i just dislike the act n dont think can put up with it! plus the fact that it kills ! ppl it kills! cnt u get it!

Standy said...

wow.. such powerfull pictures and message!!

sigh.. poeple dont listen at all to the sound of reason!

Suzy said...

I gave up smoking many many years ago and even though people told me to stop, the only person who got me to stop was me. It's an addiction and they're addicts and you can spend all the time you want telling an addict to stop smoking, drinking, gambling, shopping, drugging and it's all in one ear and out the other.

But I knew it would kill me. Great photos btw.

just a bunch of thoughts said...

i wish smokers would stop... they're killing themselves & us.

Allah helps them quit. its an addiction & yes, i agree with Suzy, no one will help them except for them, thats why we should pray for them to heal.